Top 20 SEM Tools for Search Engine Marketing in 2023

Also familiarized as ‘paid search,’ Often confused with Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) via search optimization and advertising.

The basic objective of SEM is to generate high website traffic by altering and rewriting ads with high-ranking keywords.

Two of the most frequently and commonly associated terms related to SEM advertising are Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Click (CPC). To perform paid advertising, SEM tools come to the rescue of ad-runners.

Enlisted below are the top Search Marketing Tools that you must access to gain high website traffic based on high-ranking keywords.

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20+ Best Search Engine Marketing SEM tools

Top sem tools infographic by digital vidya

Go through the list of the top 22 Search Engine Marketing tools and learn how to increase your website’s visibility.

S.No. SEM Tools
1. KeywordSpy
2. PPC Web Spy
3. SEMrush
4. SpyFu
5. iSpionage
6. Soovle
7. Ad Text Generator
8. AdWord Bid Tool
9. Negative Keyword
10. Google Traffic Estimator
11. CPC ROI Calculator
12. Wordtracker
13 SpeedPPC
14. Adwords Editor
15. Adword Scripts
16. Kenshoo
17. SplitTester
18. Keyword Combiner
19. Keyword Wrapper
20. Crazyegg
21. WhatRunsWhere
22. Google Auction Insights

Competitive Keyword Research Tools

#1 KeywordSpy

SEM Tools

Keywordspy (details at Keywordspy. Com/)

What is KeywordSpy tool?

KeywordSpy is a tool that helps in keyword tracking and enables you to perform advanced keyword research & get an in-depth analysis of the competitors.

Uses of KeywordSpy tool

This SEM tool is of great help in tracing the keywords and helps to study & comprehend different advertising strategies used by competitors for their Adwords and PPC campaigns.

#2 PPC Web Spy

SEM Tools

Ppc spy web (details at Ppcwebspy. Com/)

What is PPC Spy Web?

A competitive keyword research tool, PPC Web Spy is a priceless SEM tool that enables you to see & virtually steal the keywords that other advertisers of the same are using.

Uses of PPC Spy Web

The three common uses of this tool are: it enables you to manage the account yourself, saves time and energy & last but not least, it helps with organic search results.

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#3 SEMrush

SEM Tools

Semrush (details at Semrush. Com/)

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is among the tremendous competitive research tools that help determine the list of pages & sites that are ranking for your keywords.

Uses of SEMrush

This tool helps to conduct an in-depth backlink analysis, view displays from different devices, and enhance the organic search.

#4 SpyFu

SEM Tools

Spyfu (details at Spyfu. Com/)

What is SpyFu

SpyFu is a competitive keyword research tool that helps build Adword campaigns and construct SEO strategies in which keyword plays a crucial role.

Uses of SpyFu

This SEM tool is not merely restricted to analyzing keyword and domain statistics. Rather it helps in increasing your website’s traffic as well as making better connections by keeping a close check on your competitor’s keywords.

#5 iSpionage

SEM Tools

Ispionage (details at Ispionage. Com/)

What is iSpionage?

One of the latest entries in the field of the spy tool market, iSpionage lays more focus on PPC than organic SEO.

Uses of iSpionage

iSpionage tool help boost your ROI by giving an insight into the competitor’s effectively adequate keywords and the ad budget.

#6 Soovle

SEM Tools

Soovle (details at Soovle. Com/)

What is Soovle?

Soovle is one of the free SEM tools for keyword research, which unites suggestion services from all major platforms like Google, YouTube, Bing, etc.

Uses of Soovle

This tool is an excellent help for search and content creation, as it brings suggestions from all major platforms in one place.

AdWord Tools

#7 Ad Text Generator

SEM Tools

Ad text generator (details at Adtextgenerator. Com/)

What is Ad Text Generator?

As the name suggests, Ad Text Generator is an AdWord tool that helps to generate immediate suggestions for Google AdWords and benefits the AdWords account.

Uses of Ad Text Generator?

Ad Text Generator is an SEM tool that enables a frame of rich quality ads relevant to the Google search and the target audience.

#8 AdWord Bid Tool

SEM Tools

Adwords bid tool (details at Google. Com/adwords/answer/2470105? Hl=en)

What is AdWords Bid Tool?

AdWords Bid Tool turns keyword lists into targeted ads and further analyzes the results of those ads.

Uses of AdWords Bid Tool

AdWords Bid Tool helps analyze the clicks, costs, impressions, and conversions, reducing the effort of tracking PPC campaigns.

#9 Negative Keyword

SEM Tools

Negative keyword tool (details at Google. Com/adwords/answer/2453972? Hl=en)

What is the Negative Keyword tool?

This SEM tool works like a keyword audit for you and identifies the negative keyword for your ad.

Uses of Negative Keyword tool

This tool helps reach prospective customers, reduce costs, and increase ROI (return on investment).

Budget Estimation Tools

#10 Google Traffic Estimator

SEM Tools

Google traffic estimator (details at Google. Com/adwords/answer/3114286? Hl=en)

What is Google Traffic Estimator?

Google Traffic Estimator analyzes and estimates the overall number of clicks on Google AdWords ads and bid prices of top ad positions.

Uses of Google Traffic Estimator

Although this tool finds a rough estimate, it is an excellent tool for estimating budget requirements and search volumes.

#11 CPC ROI Calculator

SEM Tools

Cpc roi calculator (details at Seobook. Com/ppc-tools/calculators/roi. Html)

What is the CPC ROI Calculator?

CPC ROI Calculator is an effective tool to determine a return on investment (ROI) for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Uses of CPC ROI Calculator

This tool helps analyze cost-per-click (CPC), which helps analyze future budgets for PPC campaigns.

Traditional Keyword Research Tools

#12 Wordtracker

SEM Tools

Wordtracker (details at Wordtracker. Com/)

What is Wordtracker?

Wordtracker is a widely used keyword tool that helps to enhance your business growth and increase profits.

Uses of Wordtracker

Wordtracker boosts search engine rankings by attracting the targeted audience and fetching profits in terms of organic traffic for your site.

#13 SpeedPPC

SEM Tools

Speedppc (details at Speedppc. Com/)

What is SpeedPPC?

SpeedPPC is software that builds and enables the PPC campaign to be automated, thus, permitting you to frame target-based ad groups and landing pages in less time.

Uses of SpeedPPC

It helps you to create appropriate landing pages by using relevant search terms and writing better ads to generate higher PPC.

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Bid Management & PPC Campaign Management Tools

#14 AdWords Editor

SEM Tools

Adwords editor (details at Google. Com/intl/en/adwordseditor/)

What is AdWords Editor?

Adwords Editor is another free SEM tool that is a form of Google application that allows you to work offline and make changes when the user is ready with the changes.

Uses of AdWords Editor

This tool helps check the work before posting, catches technical errors, and doesn’t allow users to post with mistakes.

#15 AdWord Scripts

SEM Tools

Adword scripts (details at Google. Com/adwords/scripts/)

What are AdWord Scripts?

Adword Scripts allows controlling of Adwords data programmatically by simply using JavaScript in a browser-based IDE.

Uses of AdWord Scripts

This tool helps generate reports, daily statistics, and client reporting.

#16 Kenshoo

Kenshoo sem tools

Details at Com/

What is Kenshoo?

This tool is effective for managing, automating, and optimizing PPC campaigns.

Uses of Kenshoo

This tool is one of the best bid management tools, which allows you to optimize business goals like lead generation, defining ROI, etc.

#17 SplitTester

SEM Tools

Splittester (details at Splittester. Com/)

What is SplitTester?

It is a free online statistical significance tester tool.

Uses of SplitTester

This SEM tool calculates the probability of result confidence between A/B split tests of a pay-per-click ad campaign.

Keyword Grouping & Generation Tools

#18 Keyword Combiner

SEM Tools

Keyword combiner (details at Searchenginepromotionhelp. Com/m/keywords-combiner/word-combinations. Php)

What is Keyword Combiner?

Keyword Combiner is one of the most efficient SEM tools, as it combines two or three lists of words and wraps up the results in the form of a keyword.

Uses of Keyword Combiner

This tool allows for building relevant keyword lists without opening an excel sheet.

#19 Keyword Wrapper

SEM Tools

Keyword wrapper (details at Searchenginesmarketer. Com/ppckeywordwrapper/)

What is Keyword Wrapper?

Keyword Wrapper is a free SEM tool that helps create keyword sets in all match types.

Uses of Keyword Wrapper

This tool allows you to combine a list of keywords in time.

#20 Crazyegg

SEM Tools

Details at Crazyegg. Com/

What is Crazyegg?

Crazyegg is a frequently used A/B testing tool that helps to have a competitive edge over competitive websites without incurring high costs.

Uses of Crazyegg

This is a vital tool for sem that helps to understand the behavior of the visitors and then create such reports that allow you to achieve the desired outcomes.

#21 WhatRunsWhere

SEM Tools

What runs where image credits: netdna. Com

What is WhatRunsWhere?

This SEM tool provides data for competitive analysis focusing on mobile and displays advertising.

Uses of WhatRunsWhere

This tool provides historical data with daily updates. WhatRunsWhere provides data from 1,50,000 display publishers from over 90 ad networks and 15 countries.

#22 Google Auction Insights

What is Google Auction Insights?

It is a handy tool that can be used for comparing your performance against your competitor’s campaigns.

Uses of Google Insights

SEM Tools

Google auction insights image credits: slideshare. Com

This PPC tool allows you to compare the impression share of your competitors. The insights show your competitors’ average position and can be segmented by device and time.

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1. What is SEM tool?

SEM tool means search engine marketing tools that help digital marketers in various advertising campaigns to provide higher visibility to the websites in search engine result pages in an inorganic (paid advertisement) way. Keyword research, budget optimization, marketing results, etc., are some of the features of SEM tools.

2. What are the two most popular SEM platforms?

The two most popular SEM platforms are Google Ads and Bing Ads

3. Why is SEM important?

SEM is important because we can show our content to our targeted audience with high accuracy for the search queries they do in Search Engines and get high traffic, and it can also boost conversions.

The Organic way takes time to attract many audiences, and it takes high effort to be shown on the first rank of the first page of search engine result pages because the organic way has higher competition, and also SEM can directly show the ads on top of the search engine result pages.

4. How many SEM tools are there?

There are more than 50 best SEM tools available in the market. We have to find the right one according to the needs of the business. There are free and paid SEM tools available in the market.

5. What are some best free SEM tools?

5 best free SEM tools are: