Top 12 Useful Artificial Intelligence PPT Presentations

According to Forbes, 83% of businesses consider artificial intelligence their major priority. Consequently, it is now more important than ever to have a basic and sometimes detailed knowledge of AI. It is one of the leading technologies today which helps us automate processes, streamline the user experience, and achieve tasks in much less turnaround time. Needless to say, AI is also being utilized in every industry, domain, and technology sector to enhance working efficiency. Fortunately, there are multiple Artificial Intelligence PPT presentations that can help us in gaining the required knowledge on the functioning, uses, and importance of this tech in various sectors.

We have compiled a list of 12 such popular artificial intelligence PPTs. Read on to know how artificial intelligence is important in different sectors.

Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint Presentations

For an overview of AI and its related technologies such as deep learning, machine learning, etc., there is no better source of information than artificial intelligence PowerPoint presentations. The information and knowledge delivered through artificial intelligence PPTs are concise, apt, and relevant.

So, let’s move forward and see some of the significant and valuable PPTs on artificial intelligence.

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1. The Introductory Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation

The artificial intelligence PPT in our list is not prepared for knowledge. But, it can be utilized by organizations to deliver valuable data to their audience.

The reason for including this presentation on the list is that it is extremely informative. This PPT on artificial intelligence contains 50 slides in total, all of which deliver basic level knowledge to the audience. Since the slides are professionally prepared with diagrams, illustrations, and authentic material, you can understand its content without much hassle.

We believe any person who is just getting to know artificial intelligence, such as college students or someone changing their field of work, can benefit a lot from these artificial intelligence PPT topics.

2. Artificial Intelligence PPT in Finance

If you are from the finance sector, then this artificial intelligence PPT in finance is your go-to option. It can give you an insight into how artificial intelligence helps in the finance sector. You can make a change in your business with AI-powered chatbots.

The artificial intelligence PowerPoint presentation contains a total of 17 slides, many of which give you examples of the companies that are already using AI in finance.

ppt on artificial intelligencePpt on artificial intelligence source – sigmoidal

One of our favorite examples from the presentation is of Hedge Funds. According to the PPT, Hedge Funds is trying to train their systems to become intelligent like human traders for years now. Amazing, right?

The presentation also delivers some of the unknown statistics related to artificial intelligence in the finance sector. You can explore some of the software and tools which can be utilized in the finance sector for predictive analysis and data insights.

For instance, this PPT on artificial intelligence discusses how MotionCloud helps in reducing the cost of claims, decrease fraud, and improves precision.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Law

If you are facing issues in understanding what4. Artificial Intelligence Overview

Are you a beginner? Have you just started your career in artificial intelligence?

If yes, then these 5. Social Media Bots

Social media bots and chatbots powered by AI are extremely popular now, so much so that you can find these chatbots everywhere today. From food applications to Facebook bots, AI is spreading its charm everywhere.
Undoubtedly, e-commerce is the largest sector benefiting from this invention. Customers of e-commence can talk to the bot to get a resolution, even in the middle of the night.

Thus, this presentation explores the benefits of social bots and how these bots have evolved over the years. While you may not be able to extract too much information related to the working of social media bots from this artificial intelligence PPT topics, you can explore the data usage across various sectors and industries.
The presentation contains 26 slides and a lot of statistics that can help you understand whether you should create a social media bot for the industry of your interest or not.

6. Machine Learning and AI

It is a common notion amongst several professionals that AI will nullify and remove their job roles completely. This is to say that AI will take over employment and eliminate human roles.

This artificial intelligence PPT is the best way to eliminate this myth. In this 66-slide presentation, the author talks about how AI will not take over our jobs.

Of course, we can’t deny that AI will eliminate some jobs. But, it will also increase jobs in the market.

artificial intelligence powerpoint presentationArtificial intelligence powerpoint presentation source – functionize

Furthermore, the author talks of how artificial intelligence can help us make better business decisions through 7. An Informative Description of AI

This artificial intelligence PPT was released back in 2012. But, still, it gives a clear knowledge of how AI evolved. A lot of us only know recent AI developments, and many of us have only started working on AI after watching Iron Man create Jarvis.

However, there is a history that you will find in this PPT of artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence PowerPoint presentation creates a timeline of events that happened since 1986, which helped us come to artificial intelligence. You can also understand how LISP and PROLOG form a major part of AI.
Overall, this 35-slide presentation is perfect for beginners who want to understand artificial intelligence deeply.

8. Deep Learning in AI

If you already know a bit about artificial intelligence and machine learning, then this is the right platform for you to learn deep learning. This artificial intelligence PPT explores the history of artificial intelligence and machine learning first. They slowly move towards deep learning and explain how deep learning came into existence.

The artificial intelligence PowerPoint presentation also discusses multiple deep learning concepts like generative adversarial networks, image generation, video sequence production, etc.

This 100-slide presentation truly helps you discover and uncover multiple facets of deep learning and artificial intelligence. It contains real-world and interesting examples, which further aid your learning and development in this field.

However, we suggest that you should first understand the basic notion of these concepts and then explore them in detail later through multiple sources.

artificial intelligence ppt

Artificial intelligence, machine learning & deep learning source -towards data science

9. The Work of the Future

After reading the title of this artificial intelligence PPT, it is likely that you already guessed we’ll talk of robots. If you did, then you are right.

The presentation talks about artificial intelligence in the future. It believes that artificial intelligence is the future we are waiting for.

This PPT on artificial intelligence also talks of Babel Fish, a fictional character, which will soon become a reality in the coming years.

It is amazing how the presentation uses a mix of visuals, interactive concepts, and simple content to invoke users’ curiosity in technology. You will be able to explore how artificial intelligence will increase speed, governance efficiency, execution, and transparency in systems.
In the later slides, you will also understand how artificial intelligence is set to create multiple new jobs rather than eliminating them.

Just keep a pen and paper handy along with your laptop to fully grasp this presentation, and dig deeper into concepts that you like.

10. Design Ethics for AI

This 135-slide artificial intelligence PPT delivers an exhaustive view of design ethics. It starts by explaining all about user experience and the design principles which are used in UX. Then, the PPT on artificial intelligence outlines the rules which are necessary for the designing process.

For instance, knowing your audience is the first rule on the list. There are eight rules in total, which are extremely important for designing.

The presentation then explores how the design process is evolving, for which you will find a graphical representation. This representation ends at intelligent design, which is the reason why we have included this presentation on our list.

By using attractive graphics, this artificial intelligence PowerPoint presentation touches multiple aspects of artificial intelligence in design. You can understand why the design process requires artificial intelligence and how you can use AI in design.

11. All About AI

This artificial intelligence PPT talks about everything you need to know about artificial intelligence. Of course, this PPT on artificial intelligence may be perfect for beginners. However, it is also beneficial for professionals who are trying to revisit the basics of artificial intelligence.

This artificial intelligence PowerPoint presentation gives you an outline of how NLP, speech recognition, computer vision, etc. work.

Towards the end of the presentation, you will be able to understand some basics about robotics, its advantages, and its disadvantages.

The presentation concludes with the prospects of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics.

12. AR, VR and Self-Driving Cars

This artificial intelligence PPT is different from what we have seen above.

Firstly, this presentation talks about virtual reality, wearable technology, and self-driving cars.

Then, this presentation answers a lot of our questions related to artificial intelligence. For instance, the first statistics that it gives is about ‘Is wearable technology a part of our daily life?’

artificial intelligence pptSource – avrspot

A large number of people – 35% to be specific – have answered with a yes. If this is the number today, it will increase in the future, don’t you think?

Similarly, there are multiple other statistics and questions in the presentation, which are effectively answered using statistics and data discovered from various sources.


Artificial intelligence is the future! Several experts have already anticipated it, and a lot of statistics prove it. Hence, the professionals who have an interest in the field should start gaining some knowledge of AI through these artificial intelligence PPTs.

Based on the industry you are interested in, you can pick the right artificial intelligence PowerPoint presentation and start exploring further.

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