Top 10 Winning Product Launch Ideas Every Marketer Should Know

According to a leading American agency Media Relations, 30,000 new products are launched every year, and a whopping 95% of them fail. That’s because most of the companies are so obsessed with creating the perfect product that they completely overlook the product launch aspect until it’s too late in the game. Organizations need to prepare a marketing plan that includes new product launch ideas to both teach and reach the masses.

Product launches are pivotal for any business as it sets the ball rolling for sales, development and brand perception. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the best product launch ideas that not only generate new customers but also result in brand recognition. After all, brand awareness and recognition are as important as getting new customers and should be one of the goals when collating product launch ideas.

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Top Ten Powerful Product Launch Ideas

Product Launch Idea #1: Social Media Teaser Campaigns

The main aim of any product launch idea is to garner maximum public attention without burning a hole in your pocket. That is why social media has become the go-to option for marketers to create a buzz about their product. According to reports from Emarketer, social media users were likely to reach 2.55 billion by 2017.

With such a staggering number of users on social media, it only makes sense to plan a teaser campaign for your product. A teaser campaign on platforms like Twitter and Facebook is the best and the most affordable way to let the masses know that something thrilling is coming soon from your brand. It is advised to launch the campaign at least 20 to 30 days before the actual product launch to ensure enough buzz is generated on social media.

product launch ideasProduct Launch Idea #2: Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the best product launch ideas used by businesses worldwide. That’s because a study by Tomoson proves that influencer marketing is the fastest growing online customer-acquisition channel, outperforming SEO and email marketing. The study shows that more than 70% of businesses are generating $2 for every dollar spent, with the top 13% making as much as $20 or even more!

Influencers have credibility and significant fan following that can sway the perception of any brand. Businesses are using them for marketing their upcoming product, requesting influencers to write about the product on their blogs, websites or social media platforms. Read more about influencer marketing

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Product Launch Idea #3: Take Pre-Orders

Another most popular new product launch idea is taking pre-order, and no one does this better than tech-giant Apple. Pre-orders are very effective for businesses that have a loyal customer base who will buy anything that the brand releases. Taking pre-orders is a great way to generate buzz and create a sense of exclusivity around the product.

If you’ve got the pricing locked, then it only makes sense to start selling the product even before releasing it to the public.

Product Launch Idea #4: Plan a Creative Product Launch Event

Planning an event is a great way to tell the audience to take the product seriously. To deliver a great event, creating a pre-event buzz, generating an atmosphere of curiosity, and personalizing the attendee experience is vital. This is another product launch idea that will show the potential of the new product and significantly influence its sale in the coming days, weeks, months and even years.

Make the event experience as memorable as possible so that people talk about it long after the event is over. Ensure enough networking opportunities are provided, and there are ample spaces for conversations to take place, including a photo booth, live tweet wall, etc.

new product launch ideasProduct Launch Idea #5: Plan and Host Contests

The goal of the best product launch ideas is to make use of the brand’s social media following. To strive for this, brands must create contests online and offline and give rewards to loyal customers. Conducting quizzes online or encouraging people to share something about the new product can give a momentum that can soon become viral among the netizens.

Hosting quizzes and competition will also help drive engagement, which is what companies need for a successful new product launch. Give free gifts or hold a lucky draw contest. People are bound to participate since who doesn’t love freebies?

The excitement of receiving a gift can lure prospects into knowing more about a brand and engage them with the new product. Some of the prize ideas for contest winners include product samples, vouchers, or even discounts.

Product Launch Idea #6: Build a Story Around Your Product

Every brand has a story, and so does its products. Building a story around your product is a fundamental part of content marketing.  It is critical to tell that story to the target audience and can be one of the game-changer new product launch ideas.

Storytelling in marketing has become immensely popular over the years. Brands can grab the attention of the right audiences and engage them in the lore of the product. Creating a story around a product or launch can create and boost the positive perception around the brand.

Learn how world-famous brands proved the best product launch ideasProduct Launch Idea #7: Make It About the Users

When thinking about the best product launch ideas, brands should think about its users and audience. When thinking about creative product launch event ideas, businesses should also ensure that the right people are called at the event. Only those exclusive people should be invited who have the highest potential to be a customer or are likely to talk highly about the product.

At the product launch event, brands should talk about how the product or its features will affect the lives of the users in a positive way and how easy and enjoyable the new product is. Turn the narrative of your launch towards your customers and try not to focus on the features of your product since it can become extremely boring and monotonous.

Product Launch Idea #8: Use Countdown Timers

Building suspense by using a countdown timer is one of the most successful product launch ideas that can build longer online buzz. Brands often use social media channels and their websites to build a grand sense of excitement about the product launch. Countdown timers not only act like teasers but also have an air of mystery that stresses the urgency and excitement surrounding the new product and its launch.

creative product launch event ideasProduct Launch Idea #9: Use Print Media

Using online media to promote a product is a no brainer. It is the best way to get that extra attention and reach a relevant audience. But what about print media? In recent years, print media has become one of the best product launch ideas to spread the word about the launch. Both online and offline media thrive on juicy information and sharing stories about the product can make all the difference to get that share of people’s attention.

The product stories may include information like the unique, never-seen-before information of a product that is there to solve relevant issues. The stories you share should focus on the brand and make it appear as an expert in its industry and provide actionable advice. Providing such stories will, in return, give the media houses something unique to tell their readers and viewers.

Product Launch Idea #10: Reward Brand Advocates

Following up on our earlier point of holding contests, rewarding people who have engaged the most with the brand is one of the best product launch ideas. These people act like brand advocates and have the immense power to influence the people in their network. Distribute prizes to people who engage the most with you on social media or get the maximum number of people to participate in your contest.

Think of rewards as a referral program that when the connections of your brand advocates see on social media see the rewards, they are tempted to participate as well.

These are our 10 ultimate new product launch ideas that you should keep in mind whether you are launching your first or 10th product. Now let’s turn our attention to some famous product launches in the past and how these businesses incorporated some of these best product launch ideas.

The Untold Story of Under Armour

The famous sportswear brand Under Armour wanted to launch its FW2017 and was looking for new product launch ideas. While they had social media at their disposal, the team wanted to create social media posts that would make the viewers feel like they had a purpose when they bought the collection.

Under Armour team collaborated with creative agency Droga5 to shoot a series of films that would be promoted on social media, and the campaign was titled “Unlike Any.” The short videos featured atypical athletes in action while the poetry of several poets like Saul Williams, Aja Monet, Kojey Radical and Dominique Christina read in the background.

The thought-provoking campaign was a massive hit and had over 7,000 #UnlikeAny hashtags on Instagram alone. This was one of the best product launch ideas of the brand since it honored the athletes and aimed to inspire women to continue making history.

product launch ideasH&M’s Levelling Up the Style

Famous Swiss clothing-retail company H&M is known for creating partnerships with leading designer brands to launch their exclusive collections. Time and again, the clothing giant is known for releasing its capsule collection by collaborating with some of the world-famous, high-end labels like Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Lanvin, and Marni, etc.

The tactic to partner with leading brands was a proven success and, so without a doubt, H&M decided to collaborate with Erdem. The only difference? Think of new product launch ideas for its Erdem x H&M collection! The Swedish fast-fashion company then hired a world-renowned director to create a short fashion film and promoted it on social media, unlike any other brand. The film was an instant hit, and fashionistas around the world went into a frenzy when the collection was launched.

This new product launch idea was such a massive hit that the website crashed, and huge crowds gathered outside the stores around the world to get a hold of this English-countryside-inspired clothing line.

Final Thoughts

These were our top 10 product launch ideas that businesses should try to ensure maximum success. While these product launches may have worked the best for a couple of brands, it doesn’t mean that everyone should be blindly copying them. What cuts across these new product launch ideas is the fact that they all are unique and tailored to suit a brand and its product.

For instance, introducing a way for pre-orders may work best for a product-based company, while hosting an online contest or an event may be ideal for a software company. Therefore, it is important to create a well-thought-through plan using the mentioned product launch ideas. The plan needs to clearly lay out what is being launched, who is the target audience, and what are the ways to create a buzz. After all, launching a product is all about creating a buzz and, fortunately, you just can’t get enough of it!

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