Interview with Vartika Verma, former Head of Global Marketing,

Pradeep Chopra, Co-Founder at Digital Vidya: Digital Marketing is one of the key elements of any marketing plan today. “Should we include digital marketing in our plan?” is no more a question. According to Wordstream, digital marketing constitutes 72% of the overall marketing budget. India is the fastest-growing market in the world for Internet Advertising … Read more

Interview With Manu Kumar, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Hero Electric

Pradeep Chopra, Co-Founder at Digital Vidya: It may come as no surprise that the marketplace has become increasingly more digital as technology continues to evolve. According to a GroupM report, in contrast to early predictions of about 50%, digital advertising made up 64.4% of all ad spending last year. Given the dynamic nature of digital media, … Read more

Interview With Krupesh Haria, Strategist and Performance Marketer, iProspect

Pradeep Chopra (Co-Founder, Digital Vidya): The focus of any business is to get as many customers in through the door as possible, and digital marketing has paved a successful path to growing businesses and increasing customers. According to WordStream, the global digital marketing market was estimated at $350 billion in 2020 and is projected to … Read more

Interview With Akshay Salaria, Director – Acquisition and Growth MarTech, Tata Digital

Pradeep Chopra (Co-Founder, Digital Vidya): Marketing is one of the most dynamic areas of any business today. Using Digital Marketing is no more an option. Cost-effectiveness, reach, flexibility, effective targeting, and measurability are a few reasons, which made digital media so critical today. According to Wordstream, “63% of businesses have increased their digital marketing budgets … Read more

Interview With Priyang Agarwal, Director – Growth, Marketing & Partnerships, Tata 1mg

Pradeep Chopra (Co-Founder, Digital Vidya): For businesses today, practically everywhere in the world, digital marketing is the preferred choice to reach out and engage with customers. Research suggests that in 2022, the amount spent on international media advertising will account for a staggering 53.9% of all media spending. Aren’t the numbers outrageous when compared to … Read more

Interview With Shushant Jha, Head – Paid Media and Digital Strategy, Kyndryl

Pradeep Chopra (Co-Founder, Digital Vidya): There is no escaping the reality that digital marketing is currently experiencing an important moment. Millions of businesses around the world have recognized its significance, thus, it is here to not just stay but grow. More than 60% of people on the globe currently utilize the internet, which is plenty … Read more

Interview With Smita Murarka, Chief Marketing Officer – Corporate & Brands, Digital, Duroflex

Pradeep Chopra (Co-Founder, Digital Vidya): The development of the Internet has given the idea of marketing a new dimension. Earlier, the main focus of marketing was to recommend something to the audience. Today, however, this idea has been reinterpreted by digital marketing. The importance of making the “correct offer” to the “right audience” at the … Read more

Interview With Amish Keshwani, Vice President – Digital Marketing, MarketsandMarkets

Pradeep Chopra (Co-Founder, Digital Vidya): In today’s modern age, everything can be found online. The use of the internet has urged every organization to promote themselves online.  An estimated 85.4% of internet users search for information online at least once per month.  This data is, in fact, a clear indication of why digital marketing is … Read more

Interview With Nitin Chowdhary, Vice President – Times Mobile & Performance, Times Internet

Pradeep Chopra (Co-Founder, Digital Vidya): The world of marketing has changed and transformed immensely over the past few years.  Nowadays, having an online presence is no more an option for any business. According to DataReportal 2022, there are 4.95 billion active internet users worldwide. The number itself is a reflection stating the importance of promoting … Read more

Interview With Gaurav Pandey, Founder, Hashtag Whydeas

Pradeep Chopra (Co-Founder, Digital Vidya): Digital marketing has seen massive growth as a marketing career path, with no signs of slowing down. And even if you aren’t looking to switch careers and become a marketing expert, this skill set is essential for business owners and others working to attract and convert clients. As the digital … Read more