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YouTube Shorts : How to Get More Views in 2023

YouTube Shorts are YouTube’s attempt to compete with TikTok and Instagram by providing a new method of creating and sharing short videos with the rest of the world.

YouTube Shorts are short, engaging videos that are meant to be watched on a mobile device.

They allow creators to express themselves creatively and connect with their audience in a new way.

YouTube Shorts are still in the early stages, but we can already see the potential for them to be a huge hit with creators and viewers alike.

YouTube Shorts offer a new way to create and consume content on YouTube, and we can’t wait to see what creative minds come up with next.

It all started when in September 2020, YouTube announced YouTube Shorts.

This was big news in the YouTube Creator community as it seemed YouTube was finally taking on TikTok head-on.

YouTube Shorts was launched in India before being expanded to the rest of the world, including America and 26 other nations, by March 2021.

Now, YouTube Shorts has over 15 billion daily views.

YouTube has set aside $100 million for its YouTube Shorts creator’s fund.

You may use YouTube Shorts to acquire long-term subscribers.

By the end of this post, you will learn how to use YouTube Shorts to grow your YouTube channel.

But before delving into that, let’s understand YouTube Shorts a little better-

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are short videos, up to 60 seconds long, that are shot and edited vertically for viewing on a mobile device.

YouTube Shorts also have some unique editing features that make them stand out from other types of YouTube videos.

For example, YouTube Shorts allow you to add music from a library of songs provided by YouTube.

You can also use the YouTube Shorts Camera to edit your videos with filters, speed controls, and timers.

Power of YouTube Shorts to scale YouTube Channel Growth & boost Engagement Rate

The power of YouTube Shorts lies in its ability to help YouTube channels grow their subscriber base and boost their engagement rate.

YouTube Shorts offer a new way for viewers to discover your content.

They also provide an opportunity for you to show off your creative side and connect with your audience in a new way.

It can help you to get YouTube algorithm love as YouTube is pushing YouTube Shorts.

YouTube is also giving a monetary incentive to YouTube Creators in the form of a $100 million creator fund.

If you have a YouTube business channel, then you understand how hard it can be to increase your subscriber base.

With so much competition out there and the big names already hogging most of the viewers, it’s tough to make yourself heard.

YouTube Shorts can help you to grow your YouTube channel in several ways.

YouTube Shorts gives content creators a chance to rapidly grow their YouTube channel and boost viewer engagement.

A few countries are lucky enough to fall under the category to receive YouTube’s $100 million Shorts fund for creators, and they are

  1. India
  2. UK
  3. USA
  4. Japan
  5. Brazil
  6. Russia
  7. Indonesia
  8. South America
  9. Mexico
  10. Nigeria

More countries will be included in YouTube creator fund eligibility in the future.

However, it’s important to remember that this program is separate from the YouTube partner program.

If YouTube believes you meet the criteria for Creator Fund eligibility, they will contact you with more information–payments can range from $100-$10,000 monthly.

The price of Shorts will be determined by the performance of your Shorts and the region where they are being published.

If you choose to ignore Shorts, you’ll lose out on the wonder of the Shorts algorithm, which can help you grow your channel and meet your objectives.

Steps to create YouTube Shorts

1. Logging into your YouTube account from the app

The first step is to open the YouTube app on your phone and log in with your YouTube account. To create a short or upload a video, tap the Create (+) button.

2. Adding audio

YouTube Shorts offers a range of songs to choose from to add as your audio track.
You can browse through the selection of popular songs or use the search bar to find a specific song.

3. Recording the video

YouTube Shorts offers a few different ways to record your video.
You can choose to record a video from scratch, upload an existing video from your phone, or use YouTube’s library of stock footage.

4. Editing your Short

YouTube Shorts offers a few different editing features to help you create the perfect Short.
You can add filters, speed up or slow down your video, and even add a timer to help you keep track of your recording.

5. Selecting your audience

YouTube Shorts allows you to select who can see your video. You can choose to make your video public, unlisted, or private.

6. Uploading your short

YouTube Shorts offers a few different ways to upload your video.

You can choose to upload it directly to YouTube, save it as a draft, or share it with a specific person or group.

YouTube also offers a few different ways to share your video once it’s been uploaded.

You can share it through YouTube’s messaging app, and YouTube’s social media accounts or you can even embed your video on a website or blog.

Powerful Hacks to get more Views on YouTube Short

1. Keeping it simple

The best YouTube Shorts are the ones that are simple and to the point. Don’t try to cram too much into your Short and make sure your message is clear.

Since people are always on the go, it’s more likely they’ll be using a mobile device to view your shorts.

Keep this in mind when creating your video and avoid cramming too much information or using small print; users will have difficulty reading it.

2. Shooting vertical

YouTube Shorts are meant to be watched on mobile devices, so make sure you shoot your video in vertical mode.

This will make it easier for people to watch your video and avoid having to turn their phones sideways. It is one of the most important hacks to get more views on YouTube Shorts.

3. Removing the intro

Your YouTube Short should get straight to the point. Don’t waste time with a long intro or credits; viewers will lose interest and move on to another video.

It is very crucial with shorts to get straight to the point and hook your viewer from the beginning.

4. Utilizing captions and text effects

YouTube Shorts are meant to be watched without sound, so make sure you use captions and text effects to convey your message.

To increase interest and engagement, add subtitles or text effects to the video.

5. Jumping right in

Don’t waste time with a long intro or lead-up to your YouTube Short. Get straight to the point and jump right into the action.

The shorter your YouTube Short is, the more likely people are to watch it all the way through.

Short videos on Shorts have a similar formula to TikTok videos: Jumping in and getting to the core of the clip will most likely boost views and activity.

6. Making Shorts related to your regular content

If you want to promote your YouTube channel with YouTube Shorts, make sure your Shorts are related to the content you normally post.

This will help viewers connect your Short with your channel and encourage them to watch more of your videos.

7. Asking users to like and comment on shorts and to subscribe to your channel

Make sure to ask viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to your YouTube channel after watching your Short.

This is a great way to increase engagement and get more people interested in your channel.

8. Using pinned comments

You can use pinned comments to promote your YouTube Shorts on other channels. Giving clear direction is never a bad idea, and people usually appreciate it.

By adding a pinned comment to each video, you will give viewers the incentive they need to explore your channel or website.

9. Starting with one still frame

If you want to grab people’s attention, start your YouTube Short with a still frame. This will make your video more eye-catching and encourage people to watch it.

A still frame is a great way to start any YouTube Short because it allows you to set the tone for the rest of the video.

10. Hashtags

YouTube Shorts are a great way to promote your YouTube channel and get more views. To do this, make sure you use relevant hashtags that will help people find your videos.

Some popular YouTube Short hashtags include #shorts, #youtube, and #video.

11. Creating a YouTube Shorts playlist

A YouTube Shorts playlist is a great way to promote your YouTube channel and get more views. By creating a playlist, you can group all of your YouTube Short videos in one place.

This will make it easier for viewers to watch all of your videos and help you get more views.

12. Using YouTube annotations

By utilizing YouTube annotations, you can not only promote your YouTube Shorts but also increase your views.

By adding annotations to your videos, you can encourage people to watch your YouTube Short videos.

For example, you can add an annotation that says “Click here to watch my YouTube Shorts playlist.”

13. Creating a YouTube channel trailer

YouTube channel trailers are a great way to promote your YouTube channel using shorts and get more views.

A trailer is a short video that gives viewers an overview of your channel and its content.

By creating a YouTube channel trailer, you can promote your YouTube Shorts and increase your views.

13. Creating a call-to-action

A call to action is a popular method for promoting your YouTube channel with shorts and increasing views. A call to action is a statement or question that encourages people to take a specific action.

For example, you could add a call to action at the end of your YouTube Short that says “Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos.”

14. Being careful with music

When creating YouTube Shorts, be careful with the music you use. Make sure the music is appropriate for the video and that it won’t get your video flagged for copyright infringement.

It might be difficult to synchronize music in Shorts. It can be distracting to viewers when video music abruptly stops, forcing them to scroll through the pages of an infinite loop.

Keep the flow smooth by editing your music so it loops well.

15. Looping your shorts

YouTube Shorts are meant to be short, but sometimes you may want to loop them. Looping a YouTube Short can help maintain viewer interest and improve view count.

To loop a YouTube Short, simply go to the YouTube settings and select “Loop.” This will cause the YouTube Short to play over and over again until the viewer closes out of the video.

16. Adding Shorts Video to the ‘Featured’ Section

YouTube allows you to feature your YouTube Shorts in your YouTube Channel. This is a great way to promote your YouTube Shorts and get more views.

To add a YouTube Short to the featured section, simply go to YouTube settings and select “feature.” Then, select the YouTube Short you want to feature.

17. SEO Optimize YouTube Shorts to Get More Views

YouTube Shorts are a great way to promote your YouTube channel, but you need to optimize them for SEO to get more views.

There are a few things you can do to optimize your YouTube Shorts for SEO:

  1. Use relevant keywords in the title and description of your YouTube Short.
  2. Use tags to help YouTube understand what your YouTube Short is about.
  3. Optimize your thumbnail image for SEO.
  4. 18. Analyzing YouTube Shorts Performance

YouTube Analytics is a great way to track the performance of your YouTube Shorts and see how they’re doing.

YouTube Analytics will show you things like how many views your YouTube Short has, what countries it’s being viewed in, and how long people are watching it.

This information can help understand what’s working well with your YouTube Shorts and what needs to be improved.

19. Getting creative with YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts provide a great opportunity to get creative with your content.

There are a variety of ways you can use YouTube Shorts to engage with your audience and promote your YouTube channel.

Here are some ideas:

  1. To tell a story.
  2. To showcase your product or service.
  3. To do a Q&A.
  4. To give a behind-the-scenes look at your business.
  5. To show off your company culture, etc

20. Utilize YouTube Stories

By utilizing YouTube stories, you’re able to not only share your innovative content with the YouTube community but also increase the number of views on your videos.

YouTube Stories is a feature that allows you to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

YouTube Stories is a great way to connect with your YouTube community and promote your channel.

Create YouTube stories that showcase your best shorts and invite people to subscribe and comment.


With the potential for explosive audience growth on youtube, ease of use, and extensive mobile-friendliness, Shorts is definitely worth a shot.

YouTube has big plans for YouTube Shorts, and we’ll likely see even more features and integrations in the near future with can help you learn the ins and outs of YouTube Shorts so you can make the most of this new feature.

They can also show you how to integrate YouTube Shorts into your FAQs:

1. Is it possible to create animated shorts for a YouTube channel?

Yes, it is possible to create animated shorts for a YouTube channel. You can use a variety of software programs to create your animation, such as Adobe After Effects, Blender, or Maya.

2. What are the best tools for creating amazing YouTube Shorts?

There are a variety of great tools you can use to create amazing YouTube Shorts. Some of our favorites include Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie.

3. What is the best length for a YouTube Short?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the best length for a YouTube Short will vary depending on the content you’re sharing. However, we recommend keeping your YouTube Shorts between 30 seconds and 1 minute for optimal engagement.

4. How can we get the audience to move from Shorts to more content on YouTube?

Include a call-to-action at the end of your YouTube Short that directs viewers to your YouTube channel or another video on your channel. You can also include a link to your YouTube channel in the description of your YouTube Short.

5. What are some ideas for YouTube Shorts?

There are a variety of great ideas for YouTube Shorts. A few ways to make your webinar more interesting include sharing a story, doing a Q&A session, or giving behind-the-scenes access to your business.

6. How can I make money from YouTube Shorts?

One way is to include affiliate links in your YouTube Shorts. Another way is to use YouTube Shorts to promote your YouTube channel or another product or service you offer. You can also include ads in your YouTube Shorts.

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