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What is Ethical Hacking? Is it a Right Career Choice in 2020?

In this ethical hacking tutorial, we will discuss what is Ethical Hacking and its types. And, is it the right career choice? According to a recent survey, if you are a certified ethical hacker you can earn an average yearly salary of $80,074. Based on your education, experience, and organization, you can earn an initial income of $50,000-$100,000 in a year.

Certified ethical hackers with some years of experience can make an annual income of $120,000 or more. Especially if they work as independent consultants.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is an approved practice. It involves breaking into a system to identify prospective data violations and vulnerabilities. In contrast to hacking done with malicious intent, ethical hacking is legal.

As an ethical hacker, you must probe a system for weak endpoints that hackers can use to their advantage. You need to collect and examine information to create strong network security. This will aid you in improving the security footprint. Thus, it can resist attacks better and also deflect them.

What is the Proper Ethical Hacking Definition?

Ethical hacking is a precautionary measure that helps an organization defend its system. Cyber Security specialists who hack a system with permission are ethical hackers. The process is ethical hacking.
We’ve understood what is ethical hacking, but how is it different from hacking?

White Hat hacking is the term used to describe the ethical hacking practice. People who perform ethical hacking are also known as White Hat hackers. Contrary to ethical hacking, hacking that violates security is Black Hat hacking. Black Hat hackers are illegal hackers. They use unauthorized methods to attack a system or network and destroy data.

The best way to differentiate between ethical hacking and hacking is through intent. Black Hat hackers get motivated through harmful intent. They want to make a personal profit, gain and cause harassment. But White Hat hackers investigate and rectify vulnerabilities to stop Black Hat hackers.

With our ‘what is ethical hacking’ tutorial, you must clearly understand the distinction now. But, a White Hat and Black Hat hacker are also different in the following ways:

 what is ethical hackingWhat is ethical hacking source – medium

Methods used:

White Hat hackers duplicate an illegal hacker’s methods. They do this to find discrepancies in a system. They replicate hacker’s steps to identify system vulnerability. If they find any weak points in the system, they will immediately report them and then fix the issue.


A White Hat hacker follows the same methods used by a Black Hat hacker. But the only difference is Possession:

Companies hire White Hat Hackers. And permit them to penetrate their systems or networks. This process helps detect security problems. Black Hat hackers never own any system and never work for anyone who owns a system.

There is another type of hacker known as a Grey Hat hacker. They too never ask for any approval before making their way into a system. But they are different from Black Hat hackers. They never hack to steal any personal information or for any third-party advantage.

They have no harmful intentions and hack systems or networks for either fun or other reasons. Generally, they make the owner aware of any detected threats. But, both Grey and Black Hat hacking are illegal. Even if the aim of these hackers is different, they both cause unapproved system violations.

Who is an Ethical Hacker?

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Hacking is the procedure of discovering a system’s weaknesses. And this provides unapproved access into the system for performing harmful activities. These include removing system files and taking sensitive data. It is illegal and one can suffer a lot of outcomes if he gets caught while doing so.

But if you Programming knowledge:

It is essential for any security professional. Especially the one who works in the application security field.

Scripting command:

It’s needed for those professionals who deal with network and host-based attacks.

Networking expertise:

This expertise is vital as threats usually come from networks. You need to be aware of each and every device available in the network. You must know how devices are connected as well as how to identify if they get compromised.

Database knowledge:

Most attacks target the databases. Database management system knowledge like SQL can be of use. They will aid you in constructively inspecting operations performed in databases.

· Understanding of various platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, and many more.

· The potential to work with multiple hacking tools that are present in the market.

· Awareness of servers as well as search engines.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker?

Everyone has a misconception. They believe that an ethical hacker is only in charge of penetration testing of systems or networks and applications. It is not true. An individual with ethical hacking and its types of career is accountable for a lot more.

An ethical hacker needs to follow some guidelines for performing legal hacking. A good ethical hacker is aware of his responsibility. And sticks to every ethical guideline. Mentioned below in our ‘what is ethical hacking tutorial’ are some of the important key points of the rule book:

· Ethical hackers need to seek approval from the company that holds the system. They should get total approval before they perform any security evaluation.

· Regulate the evaluation scope and convey the plan to the company.

· Report security violations as well as vulnerabilities detected in the system or network.

· Keep all discoveries confidential. Their aim is to secure the system or the network. And thus as ethical hackers, they should accept and respect the non-disclosures.

· Delete each and every trace of hacking. This is important after the system has been checked for vulnerabilities. It will stop harmful hackers to enter the system via any identified loopholes.

Ethical hackers attempt to replicate any work of an unethical hacker. They evaluate the defense agreements and social-engineering features of a company. The job of an ethical hacker is to ensure the company acts in such situations properly.

How Much is Ethical Hacking Paying Professionals?

ethical hacking tutoriaEthical hacking tutorial source – joblift

An ethical hacker can try for the following roles and earn a salary as stated below:

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator:

As per a recent survey, a computer hacking forensic investigator can earn $95,510 annually. That is almost INR 5,50,000 each month ( more than INR 60,00,000 yearly). The demand for the job is huge and way above the average demand too.

Application pentester:

According to, the monthly salary ranges from INR 39,000-INR 42,000 per month. It can increase to INR 4, 00,000 monthly in some countries like the United States.

Security operations center (SOC) analyst:

A security operations center analyst makes INR 4, 40,000 annually on an average in India. It can increase to INR 10, 00,000 annually. In countries like the United States, a SOC analyst earns as large as 4 INR 6, 000, 00 annually.

Penetration Tester:

A fresher penetration tester can expect to earn 5,000, 00-10,000, 00 annually. Any experienced penetration tester who has experience of more than 5 years can make 60, 000, 00 -70, 000, 00 annually.

Security Architect:

As a security architect, you can earn more than INR 19, 000, 00 annually in India. The salary is also increasing due to the high demand for this job. If you have any plan of working anywhere else in the world then the salary will be more than INR 70, 000, 00 annually.

Ethical hackers can grab jobs in any organization. That’s because every company now has internet-facing work or web-related work. College institutions such as MIT hire ethical hackers. Even organizations like logistic service providers and data warehousing organizations hire ethical hackers.

You can also work for the military and top standard intelligence agencies like the CIA and NASA.

To work as an ethical hacker it is not essential that you must be aware of programming. Even if you develop some knowledge of computer science, you can get a job. If you are keen and curious about what is ethical hacking and its types, then opt for it as a career in 2020. It is one of the most challenging jobs now. And its demand is increasing too as the number of experts to occupy the seats are few. So as the need will increase so the salary of ethical hackers will also keep on rising.

ethical hacking tutorialEthical hacking tutorial source – townscript


Our ‘What is Ethical Hacking tutorial’ covers what is Ethical hacking and its types, as well as the Ethical Hacking definition. As you can see it is a demanding area of study because it needs a lot of expertise. Especially the things which actually build up a system or a network. That is the reason certifications are becoming popular. Especially among some ambitious ethical hackers. With proper certifications of what is ethical hacking, you can prosper in your career.

Besides the above-mentioned ways in what is the ethical hacking tutorial, the following steps can help you build a career in Ethical Hacking:

· Certified people should be aware of designing, building as well as maintaining the safety of systems. If you are able to demonstrate your command in such areas, you will be a vital resource. Especially when it is about evaluating threats and providing beneficial solutions.

· Certified professionals will have great salary prospects. Especially in comparison to the other non-certified ones.

· Certifications will validate your expertise in the IT security field. And will make you very noticeable when you apply for such demanding job roles.

· With increasing incidents related to security violations, companies are investing in IT security professionals. They prefer certified individuals for their companies.

· Startups require highly experienced professionals who are excellent at identifying cyber threats. Certification can assist an individual to demonstrate his IT security expertise. And can help earn high-salary jobs at any startup.

Nowadays, cybersecurity has come out as a common challenge for several businesses. Harmful hackers are getting hold of newer methods of violating the network defenses almost every day. With this ethical hackers’ role is becoming important across every sector.

It has thus made way for various opportunities for cybersecurity professionals. And has thus motivated people to take it up as their career. Especially by obtaining a certification in what is ethical hacking. And the best way to do so is from some professional institutions. They aid you in getting marketable skills.

Check out the best one now. And become a professional ethical hacker by knowing what is ethical hacking and its types.

If you are an aspiring ethical hacker, grab the opportunity to start your career in Ethical Hacking, here is a list of top and elevate your career.

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