Top 21 Indian Blogger Earnings that Will Amaze You

Are you curious about the top blogger earnings in India? Then let me tell you here that contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of successful Indian bloggers who are making significant amounts of money online. This will help you know what kind of blogging strategies are more effective in making money on the web.

As per recent stats,

Bloggers who are making more than  $50,000 per year are 5.8 times as likely to opt for case studies, 5 times as likely to opt for a podcast, 4.5 times as likely to opt for a video and 3.7 times as likely to opt for interviews.

Of course, more and more people want to know about the earnings of bloggers, since it is one of the best professions that we have these days. Hence, we are going to have a little chat about blogger earnings so that you can know about it.

How Much Money Can Bloggers Make?

It’s pretty easy to make some extra money per month blogging in your first year. And then in years 2, 3, 4, and 5, you can significantly increase your monthly blog revenue. There are reports that the average blogger salary is increasing per year, based on several anonymously submitted salaries.

Many of the full-time bloggers that I know are able to make over lakhs of rupees per year and work about 10-30 hours per week. That is definitely one of the best things for sure.

And while it’s a smaller group, I also know bloggers who make millions every year and work less than 10 hours a week (wouldn’t that be nice!). That’s an absolutely insane ROI for your time.

So, why wouldn’t anyone want to be a part of it for sure? We are certain that people are definitely going to have fun while blogging and earning a lot of money for sure.

Alright, now onto the good stuff- Here’s how you make money blogging and how much you can realistically make in years 1, 2, 3, and beyond.

How Can Blogs Make Money?

blogger earnings

Blogger earnings source – the balance

When you want to know about Blogger earnings in India, there is something that you need to know about traffic.

There are many different bloggers that earn a significant amount of money due to the fact that their traffic is high. The highest blogger earning is quite a lot, to be honest. Seriously, if you keep at it and keep building, your traffic and revenue will continue to grow. In the first year of blogging, people are able to make a merge amount but as their traffic increases, the more money they get with the passage of time.

And the posts are pretty simple to write as well. That is one of the main reasons why people want to know about the top bloggers’ earnings in the first place. No matter what keep at it! While it takes time, blogging = freedom.

Later in this post, I highlight the 15 ways that I make money on the Millennial Money blog, but before we get there, here’s how you should think about (and measure) the money that your blog is making.

Some of the bloggers that make the most money actually have pretty small audiences – they just know their audiences well and have maximized their earnings per page view and email subscribers. Most professional bloggers are measuring both earnings per page view and earning per email subscriber monthly. Since I’m so busy I do it quarterly and it works for me.

blogger earnings in indiaSource – 99firms

Blogger earnings primarily depend on on products or service posts for money. In most of these cases, the client pays you for the backlinks he would get to his site for the sponsored articles or services. This will, in turn, improve their site rankings in search engines.

It must be kept in mind that the niche in which one is going to blog must be the one he is an expert in. A niche must not be chosen just for the sake that it is high in demand and very is popular. Thus with the right amount of creativity, a knack for business, and passion, one can earn millions from blogging.

So, that is all you need to know about bloggers’ earnings in the best way.

It is an interest in the domain as well as the dedication which resonates with the audience and helps one succeed. In this post, we are going to discuss the 21 top blogger earnings in India, so without wasting any more of your time, let us look at some of the top blogger earnings.

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Top 21 Blogger Earnings in India

1. Amit Agarwal

top blogger earningsAmit agarwal

Amit Agrawal is one of the top Indian bloggers. He is an IIT graduate and runs a technology-related blog known as Labnol. Amit is one of the bloggers with the highest blogger earnings with earnings of about USD 60,000/- per month. Some of the significant sources of income are affiliate marketing, paid advertisements, and AdSense.

2. Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal’s website is called shoutmeloud. It was founded in September 2008. It has an average of over 1.5 million page visits every day. As of February 2019, he is one of the top blogger earnings over USD 45,055+ from his website. The major contributors to his income are affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, Propeller Ads, and eBook sales. Other contributors include sponsored articles as well as advertisements.

3. Shradha Sharma

Shradha Sharma has one of the highest blogger earnings and earns about USD 30,000 from her blog called YourStory. She started this blog in 2008 to share the stories of entrepreneurship as well as leadership from successful founders. Her blog is popularly recognized as one of the most influential platforms. It, in turn, makes her a part of the top blogger earnings in India.

4. Malini Agarwal

highest blogger earningMalini agarwal with film star katrina kaif source – missmalini

5. Faisal Farooqui

Faisal Farooqui is another famous blogger known for his blogger earnings in India. He set up his blog to review various consumer products. It is known as Mouthshut. His blog is even used as a research tool in India. Amit is one of the bloggers with the highest blogger earnings with earnings of about USD 50,000/- per month. His income sources include affiliate marketing, premium memberships, paid advertisements, and AdSense.

6. Srinivas Tamada

Srinivas Tamada’s website is called 9lessons and is meant for people who are interested in technical-related information. The site caters to the developer community. Srinivas is one of the highest bloggers earning significantly from his blog.

This blogger has not revealed his total earnings to the public. However, it is estimated that he makes around USD 20,000 per month. His blogs include information regarding website designing and programming, as well as related topics. Through his blog, he also teaches PHP and Ajax.

7. Varun Krishnan

top blogger earningsVarun krishnan

Varun Krishnan’s website is known as FoneArena. He is another one of the top blogger earnings in India. He makes around USD 22,000 per month. His blog is a technology-related blog offering content about smartphones and their reviews, along with related news. The major contributors to his revenues include AdSense, paid ads, and affiliate marketing.

8. Arun Prabhudesai

Arun Prabhudesai is another famous blogger on the list of top blogger earnings in India. He is based in Pune and is known for his website It is a tech website. He offers his insights as well as advice regarding startups as well as financial information. He also talks about the stock market. He has approximately 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, which is called tech.

He is one of the highest bloggers earning about USD 15,000 from his blog, which was founded in 2007. Like numerous others on this list, he, too, receives his significant streams of income from affiliate marketing, AdSense, and paid ads.

9. Ashish Sinha

Ashish Sinha is another highest blogger earning around USD 18,000. He is an IIT and then an IIM graduate. He has very varied work experience. The reason he started his blog, called NextBigWhat, was because of his love for different technologies. His site is an area wherein people can talk about the entire technology and startup ecosystem. His site covers everything from reviews to information to hints to tips hacks to upgrades.

10. Amit Bhawani

Amit Bhawani is one of the famous top blogger earnings in India known for his content on YouTube. He is a famous blogger in India. He also runs a travel vlog on YouTube as well as TripRazor. However, his significant project currently is called PhoneRadar.

His crucial point of information is the efficient use of various avenues on the internet to generate some revenue. Amit’s website is particularly about technology as well as gadgets. He writes about smartphones, and tablets, and also updates his readers with the news regarding technology around the world. He is one of the blogger earnings in India, earning approximately USD 25,000 per month.

Amit’s other avenues and blogs include

11. Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu is another one of the highest blogger earnings. However, she has not disclosed her earnings. She is a famous fashion as well as a lifestyle blogger. Her blog is called Akanksharedhu. Through her blog, she helps her readers make the best fashion statements. She started her blog in 2010.

12. Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal is another one of the highest bloggers earning about USD 1,377 every month. She is a famous travel blogger. Her blog is called indicates. Through her blog, she offers her readers and followers the correct information regarding various places. It helps them make informed, safe as well as fun-filled trips. She started her blog in 2004.

13. Niranjan Das

Niranjan Das is another one of the highest blogger earnings. However, he has not disclosed his earnings. He is the owner of a travel blog known as Tales of Nomad. He is keen on traveling and has the goal of visiting each and every country in the world, learning about different cultures, and meeting new people.

14. Jaspal Singh

Jaspal Singh is another popular name on the highest blogger earning a list. However, similar to a few other bloggers, his earnings are not disclosed as well. He owns a technology-related blog known as SaveDelete. He writes about topics such as digital marketing, content marketing, how to blog, various ongoing deals, web hosting, technology, as well as gadgets.

15. Hemapriya Natesan

top blogger earningsHemapriya natesan

Hemapriya Natesan is one of the top bloggers’ earnings in India. However, her earnings are also not disclosed. She runs a food-related blog known as Mylittlemoppet. She offers advice to other mothers facing challenges while taking care of their newborn babies. She provides them with the needed guidance as well as assistance.

16. Nagalakshmi

Nagalakshmi is another one of the top bloggers’ earnings in India. She earns about USD 1,378 each month. She also runs a food-related blog known as Edible Garden. On her website, one can find recipes focused on Kerala as well as Tamil Nadu’s style of cooking. Other than that, one can also find several healthy recipes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

17. Anand Khanse

Anand Khanse is another one of the top bloggers earning whose income is not displayed online. He runs a tech-related blog known as Thewindowsclub. The blog talks about operating systems, such as Windows. It talks about other Microsoft products as well.

18. Sreekanth Nandipati

Sreekanth Nandipati is another famous and top blogger earning. He owns a blog that is focused on giving out financial advice based on his expertise. It is called Relaks. Sreekanth mainly caters to his content for investors who are looking to make critical financial decisions. He has earnings of about USD 2,755 per month.

19. Pradeep Kumar

Pardeep is another accessible blogger with earnings revenue of USD 5,000 per month. His website is called HellBound Bloggers. HellBound bloggers include topics such as marketing resources, social networking advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress, suggestions for small online businesses, as well as for E-commerce, among several other topics. Numerous distinguished bloggers have been known to contribute articles to the site.

20. Deepak Kanakaraju

blogging within a magazine.

His website is one of the top-rated Indian blogs, making him well-known and among the top blogger’s earnings. The site is highly rated and is among the top 10 digital advertising websites in India. Deepak earns over INR 2,00,000 per month from his websites.

21. Pritam Nagrale

Another one of the top bloggers is Pritam Nagrale. This man started his blog in the year of 2004. Pritam started and maintained two blogs, namely MoneyConnexion and SureJobs. He is one of the top blogger’s earnings about USD 10,000 to USD 15,000 per month. The major contributor to the revenue is AdSense as well as the advertising he carries out on his blog.

Final Thoughts

So those as mentioned earlier are a few of the top 21 Indian bloggers and their earnings who are bound to inspire you. Most of them also talk a great deal about how budding bloggers can use the power of the internet to generate some passive income as well.

They describe numerous strategies that one can apply to create innovative content and also gain followers. A lot of budding bloggers look up to such examples of blogger earnings and take inspiration from them.

If you Digital Marketing Course will help you learn and master the key skills essential for running a successful blog in any niche.

How inspiring did you find the stories of Indian bloggers’ earnings in this post? Who is your favorite Indian blogger? Share your views with us in the comments.


Question: How much money can I make from my blog?

Answer: This depends on a number of factors, such as the niche of your blog, the traffic to your blog, and the monetization methods you use. However, if you have a popular blog, you can make a full-time income from it.

Question: How long does it take to start making money from my blog?

Answer: It might take some time to make money from your blog. It depends on many factors, such as the niche of your blog, the traffic to your blog, and the monetization methods you use. For popular blogs, it might take a few months to make money.

Question: Can I make money from my blog without ads?

Answer: Yes, you can make money from your blog without ads. There are several ways to do this, such as selling products, conducting workshops, or starting a paid community.

Question: Can I make money from my blog if I don’t have a large following?

Answer: Yes, you can make money from your blog even if you don’t have a large following. There are several ways to do this, such as selling products or conducting workshops.

Question: Do I need to have a popular blog to make money from it?

Answer: No, you don’t need to have a popular blog to make money from it. You can make money from your blog even if it’s not popular.

Question: How can I drive traffic to my blog?

Answer: Using SEO techniques can help you drive organic traffic to your blog. You can also promote your blog on social networks and forums. SEM, PPC, social ads can generate paid traffic to your site.

Question: What is Blogger AdSense earnings?

If you have a blog, you can earn money from it by displaying Google Adsense ads on your blog. Adsense is a program that allows you to place ads on your website and earn money from it. For example, if you have a blog about travel, you can display Google Adsense ads on your blog and earn money from it.

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