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Top 12 Cyber Security Blogs in India for Beginners and Experts

Currently, the two most trending industry topics are online security and data privacy. Hence, it is vital for individuals who are part of the cyber security domain or have the aim of pursuing a career in this domain, to be updated with the latest trends. In the first half of 2019, almost 4.1 billion records were exposed in data breaches. If one works in the cyber security domain, s(he) needs to stay up-to-date. Browsing through cyber security blogs, reading them and gathering knowledge from exclusive cyber security websites is one of the finest ways to do that.

Some people will like to gain awareness by reading various books. But it is not the same for all. So online resources like blogs can be really helpful for developing command in this domain.

To assist you in choosing the perfect source to acquire knowledge, we have mentioned some of the popular cyber security blogs to follow.

Best Cyber Security Blogs by Industry Experts

1. Krebs on Security

In the year 2001, Brian Krebs’ home network was taken over by a group of Chinese hackers. It happened when he was actually trying to build up a firewall. Due to this incident, he started to develop an intense interest and wish to know more about global security. He became familiar with the cyber security world. His passion drove him to launch Security Fix, the daily cyber security blog in the year 2005. After 4 years, he began his individual blog called Krebs on Security, which became a massive success. His blog is committed to probing stories as well as happenings in the cybercrime industry, as well as computer security. Krebs’ main aim has been investigations of online crime and his blog was created around this theme.

Other themes include the most recent cyber threats along with data violation, updates on the security in the world of hacking and cyber justice. Krebs wrote regarding hacking suspects that were recognized. It also contains the current investigation on data violations with social networking sites like Facebook as well as hackers holding command over online CPA details. Categories that cover privacy violations, latest worldwide threats, safety alerts along with news, as well as cybercriminals, can be also be found. This cyber security blog was very powerful and it aided in taking down many groups involved in cybercrime. Thus it is one of the best cyber security blogs to follow.

cyber security blogs

Cyber security blogs source – goanywhere

2. Graham Cluley

In the early 90s, he worked as an independent programmer in computer security for leaders such as Sophos and McAfee. Graham Cluley was also a public speaker. In the year 2009, he started his personal blog and his project has earned him awards annually. He was also recognized in the Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame for his blog. The main aim of this blog was to educate and guide people on online security. His blog is friendly to articles written on various empires and their data, as well as trust violations like the latest controversy related to Facebook. Moreover, his blog gets promoted as well as quoted on various computer security journals such as Computer Weekly, the Telegraph and IT Week.

Apart from new articles, his blog also promotes podcasts as well as videos from his show named Smashing Security. Here he and some security specialists talk regarding the latest IT industry topics. Since Cluley has been in the profession for a long time, his articles also outreach more than 130k readers. He also played an important role in creating the Anti-Virus platforms for Windows of McAfee, Dr. Solomons as well as Sophos.

3. Schneier on Security

It is an award-winning blog that was created by Bruce Schneier, who is popular as a security guru. He has a clear idea about online threats as well as the genius who creates them. He is specialized in internet security, hacking, patching, as well as alarms. In the year 2004, he began his personal blog and never looked back. It features the recent news on cyber security, tech essays, as well as academic papers. You will find a lot of details on industrial safety tips and consumer safety on this blog.

blogs on cyber securityBlogs on cyber security source – amazon

This blog has influenced more than 250,000 people in its entire run for so many years. Schneier is the Chief Technology Officer of IBM Resilient and also a board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Thus, he has complete knowledge regarding his stuff. He also runs a likewise powerful monthly newsletter called Crypto-Gram that began in the year 1998.

4. Tao Security

Richard Betjtlich, who has been blogging since the year 2003, introduces everyone to a great number of distinctive topics that will guard Western interests from invaders. He and TaoSecurity were focused on promoting Network Security Monitoring. This was accomplished by identifying as well as replying to digital menaces for assisting global companies. His forte is online Chinese criminals because of his huge knowledge of harmful attacks on business networks and cybercrime world. The main cause behind his interest in the 5. Troy Hunt

Troy Hunt, a Microsoft Regional Director, is a part of the list of security specialists who’ve launched famous cyber security blogs. He does not work for the tech giant but has a passion to educate web developers regarding web security. He specializes in online security and ways of protecting oneself from hacking. Hunt’s articles along with classes are very informative and his complete knowledge about cyber security makes him a leading name in this industry. His profuse knowledge that is demonstrated constantly on his personal blog is respected by the community members of cyber security. Updates are provided on security news every week along with short tutorials that are drawn from his written courses on cyber security as well as insights on different security topics.

His workshops, as well as videos on internet security, are also a part of his site. Other than this, he also created the data violation service named Have I Been Pwned that helps users in checking whether their private accounts are being compromised. Check his accounts on social media for recent updates too.

6. Threatpost

Michael Mimoso, a renowned security journalist leads the blog named Threatpost. It is one of the popular independent blogs on cyber security. It covers a lot of details on cyber security such as cloud security, critical infrastructure, cryptography, as well as web security. The editorial team of this blog is dedicated to creating high-quality content every day.

cyber security blogs to follow

Cyber security blogs to follow source – accessify

Current security news, videos, podcasts as well as feature reports are part of this blog and it is perfect for every kind of tech-lover. Threatpost has made its presence felt as major news outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times and MSNBC have quoted his website on various occasions.

7. Security Affairs

Pierluigi Paganini, an author, writer, cybercrime analyst as well as 8. The Hacker News (THN)

In the year 2007, Paul Graham, a respected tech specialist began the best cyber security blog. It was started as a cyber security news platform with the aim of educating readers to keep the internet a safe as well as a secure environment. It brags more than 5 million viewership each month and more than 3 million followers on social media.

This validates its claim to be one of the most popular information security channels in this industry. This is one of the top cyber security blogs to follow and will give you everyday cyber security and technology news, well researched technical reports, as well as insightful columns for every type of tech-passionate enthusiast. Dedicated technologists help The Hacker News to bridge the space between various tech groups from prominent security analysts to the ordinary tech addict.

9. Daniel Miessler

best cyber security blogsSource – daniel miessler

Daniel Miessler is a well-known security specialist and his official tech cyber security blog is unique due to its wide variety of content. Apart from news on technology, this is one of the best cyber security blogs to follow and includes essays, tutorials, and various columns on business, pop culture as well as politics. It also contains engrossing articles on happiness, humanity along with creativity.

Daniel has shown his complete dedication to the blog. He claims it is one of the best cyber security blogs to follow and serves as his artistic epitome. He began the cyber security blog in the year 1999 with the aim of organizing everything he wished to learn. From that time the blog became famous for being an informative site as well as for its artistic exposure.

10. Architect Security

Created by April C Wright, an author, teacher, hacker as well as a community leader, this is one of the best cyber security blogs. April has experience in breaking, fixing, creating, protecting global analytic connections, and communications for more than 25 years. Articles focused on hackers, information safety, personal privacy as well as Risk Management are a part of her site.

She not only speaks and creates content but also educates everyone with the help of her site. Moreover, she also teaches ways in which you can move towards a safer world. Out of all her cyber security blogs to follow, this one is particularly unique because she has been writing about her overall experience as a hacker, executing everything she can for the benefit of all.

11. SC Media (SC Magazine)

SC Media is a name that is synonymous with the term cyber security. It has been covering various tech articles on numerous media platforms for more than 25 years. It has seen many technology trends such as Y2K fiasco and WannaCry occur and go by. SC Media makes use of its cyber security blog as well as its platform for arming professionals on information security. They provide their proficiency in technical as well as unbiased business details of the latest cyber situations.

Such details are essential for undertaking the constant security challenges faced by IT Professionals. Their website individually promotes huge content that consists of in-depth attributes and on-time news, investigations as well as insights from the prominent leaders along with unconventional product reviews. You can check them out via their newsletter, eBooks, planned event and magazines published every month.

12. Dark Reading Blog

best cyber security blogsBest cyber security blogs source – dark reading

Dark Reading was created in the year 2010. This is one of the best cyber security blogs and offers more than what a standard blog does. Here a number of IT experts come together for creating a safe and secure cyber world. The community is specialized in Risk Management and Compliance, Vulnerabilities and Threats and Security Management and Analytics. Blogs on cyber security like this offer complete news and detail with its main focus on IT security.

It aims via its articles to aid IT and Infosec experts to maintain a balance among user access as well as data backup plans. It is a one-stop information site for anyone who has an interest in cyber security. Each and every section in Dark Reading is known to be one of the most globally read blogs on cyber security because of its wide array of content, videos, webinars, radio shows, and other contributions.


All these best cyber security blogs center on technology as well as tools to fight cybercrimes and create a safe online experience. Each of these cyber security blogs offers something distinctive but all of them come with an in-depth description as well as insight into the sphere of cybercrime and defense. Use these best cyber security blogs for monitoring your software research, news, as well as hardware and protecting the security of your organization. Every day there is a chance of an attack or violation, so it is suggested that you stay updated with the current news along with trends.

Grasp the advantage that the knowledge and years of expertise each of these cyber security blogs has to offer through various information security experts.

Cyber Security is an Evergreen Industry that offers a lucrative career that offers high to become a Cyber Security Expert.

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