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Top 11 Marketing Case Study Examples for Startups

A case study with a marketing context essentially helps one to illustrate as well as explain how one gained profitable success in a particular situation. These marketing case studies with solutions help students or other individuals by acting as illustrations of how using a specific approach can be beneficial.

Creating content has been one of the most important agendas for marketers these days. They want to generate leads, drive the traffic online, collaborate with other channels, and know each and every single thing about the audience in the best way.

As per recent stats,

Costs of content marketing is 62% lesser than traditional marketing and it offers 3 times better lead generations.

Marketing case studies are one of the top-performing content on the web. Hence, having a proper marketing case study can be really helpful for the people these days. However, creating that can be a tough thing for sure. Hence, we are here to help you out. We are going to provide you with some tips on how to create the perfect marketing study in the best way.

What is a Marketing Case Study?

A marketing case study mainly includes analysing a project, campaign or business idea of a company identifying the situation, recommending a solution and implementing action and identification of those factors which contributed to the success or failure of the project. 

A marketing case study is a web page or a document which constitutes the following:

Subject description: This explains and gives the details of the problems faced by the customers as well as their history.

The goal of the subject: It defines the purposes of the project such that the readers can understand what the objectives are.

The hypothesis of the strategy used: This explains the readers the expected results of a particular strategy being implemented for the customer or the client.

The implementation process of the strategy: This part takes the reader through the entire implementation process of the marketing strategy.

Results yielded by the strategy: The example of a marketing case study then gives the details of the results generated by the strategy with proper details.

Conclusions or inferences: The marketing case study then ends with details about what conclusions could be drawn from the case study along with how it can help other individuals.

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What is the Purpose of a Marketing Case Study?

The purpose of a marketing case study is to act as a lure. It effectively dangles good results in front of potential clients or customers. It drives them towards choosing your business over others and thus, increases your conversion rates.

Take, for instance, a customer is trying to choose between your company and your competitor for a particular product or service. If you put up successful marketing case studies in support of your business, the customer is likely to opt for your business over your competitor. It is because the marketing case study illustrates how your product or service helped its clients achieve their goals efficiently.

The marketing case studies also help build trust with the clients. They lead them to trust and confide with your company because they have proof of your capabilities. You can also use the logic of your customers to make effective business decisions. It can be done by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and thinking like them. It can effectively help you gain significant and meaningful insights into new methods of marketing.

The creation of a marketing case study by a company helps them gain an edge over their competitors as they are giving out substantial proof. The inclusion of quotes made by the clients further helps improve the trust factor. The marketing case studies also help them make more informed decisions.

Another essential thing to remember is not to copy your competitors or any other businesses. Companies should try to be creative as well as innovative while formulating the marketing case study.

Importance of the Marketing Case Study 

This helps in pointing out the shortcomings of the project or the positive points of a project.

This helps in the in-depth analysis of the project and pointing out the underlying facts that may have their contribution to the success or failure of the campaign.

Marketing case study ultimately prevents the repetition of any wrong decision taken by any company which led to the collapse of the project, and in the case of study of the successful case study it helps in improving the suggestion where this helps to increase the rate of success in future for the similar campaigns.

In today’s time, it is quite tough to run a successful marketing campaign in the first go. You need to pay heed upon different things that are the key parts of a marketing strategy for a particular kind of business associated with a particular industry or niche.

Marketing Case studies help in knowing the key components, factors, and steps that should be part of your marketing campaign. They act as a step by step guide that ensue flawless channelization of your marketing campaign.

Necessary Steps to Creating an Effective Marketing Case Study:

For writing an effective marketing case study, you should select a case that you will study. For the second step, read and examine the case thoroughly. Take the notes about the situation; this will help you later while analysing the case. Then you should highlight the fundamental problems and the underlined facts; this will help in the in-depth analysis of any problem.

Identify two to five critical problems and analyse each at a time. Analyse the different aspects of the problem and deeply check the underrated facts. Study about the possible solutions, discussions and different possible situations about the case. 

Select the best solution for the case. In case of failure, suggest the best solution possible. And in case of a successful case indicate the point to the betterment of the success. 

1) Choose a story that a customer or a client will relate to

2) Identify and understand the key points that should be contained in the case study

3) Use these key points to tell the story to the reader

4) Talk about the problems faced and the potential solutions

5) Highlight, i.e. focus on the results of your campaign

6) Talk about the different types of design and processes

7) Remember to ask for feedback as this will help you understand what your potential customer wants to learn about

Tips To Help You Create Better Marketing Case Studies

Do you want to have a marketing case study with a solution? Well, we have some tips that are going to help you out for sure. These tips are definitely helpful and will provide you with the solution that you seek.

1. Build Trust

This is one of the best tips that we can give you when you want to create the perfect example of marketing case study for sure. The most amazing case studies that you might have seen so far are the ones that tend to leverage all the right relationships in the best way. So, you need to make sure that you do the same. Gain some knowledge about the product and how it has gathered some impressive results. This is surely going to work so you need to go ahead and try it once for sure.

2. Tell a Story

After you have started gathering all the facts, you need to make sure that you put them into writing so that it looks more like a story that people are going to love. Some of the best marketing case study examples for students are the ones that have a certain story to it. So, there is no doubt that you need to go ahead and try it out for sure.

3. Pay Attention to Formatting

This is another one of the most important tips that we have in line for you. Formatting is as important as writing the text and what you are writing. So, you have to pay attention to that as well. No one really enjoys having huge amounts of texts all the time. This is one way of saying that you need not use many words in order to get your message known to the people. This might even prompt the readers to move to something else. Surely, you don’t want that to happen, right? So, that might be something that you are willing to try, right?

4. Include Some Facts

Now no marketing case study would be complete if you don’t put in some facts for sure. It won’t be having the desired effect that it’s supposed to have on the audience in the first place. So, that is a risk you shouldn’t be taking. Make sure to put in lots of facts for the readers out there.

So, that is how you make a proper marketing case study. These are some tips which would definitely help you make some important points across the people that you want to reach for sure.

Let us look at some compelling marketing case study examples for students and other individuals.

Top 11 Marketing Case Studies for Startups

1) HubSpot

example of marketing case studyExample of marketing case study source – the daily egg

This example of a marketing case study highlights how a company’s journey can be used to define a narrative. When weaknesses were identified in Shopify’s sales channel, a decision was made to adopt HubSpot.

The marketing case study with solution talks about how Shopify used HubSpot’s email plugin to enhance communication while saving time. It also leads to a rise in the level of trust among the leads.

The marketing case study highlights how the tools from HubSpot helped the company achieve success. However, there are not any statistics available to support this approach.

2) Level Ten Design Blog’s Case Study

A marketing case study by the Level Ten Design blog talks about how a mention by a celebrity can help boost a company’s profits. It talks about the halo effect of social media on organic search.

It recounts how a client’s traffic was significantly affected when Selena Gomez tweeted about it. Owing to the celebrity’s reach, the client’s website’s analytics showed a massive increase in its organic traffic along with the brand-related keyword searches.


marketing case studyMarketing case study source – pinterest is one of the top marketing case study examples for students that use a traditional template. It was a simple PDF document containing several sections of the marketing case study with solution talking about how Vissla helped them enhance its omnichannel marketing with

Vissla was able to gain better control of their social media marketing channels. It helped them effectively improve the content they were sharing. This example of a marketing case study shows that one can use design to make the content easy to understand.

4) Sennep

This marketing case study by Sennep is a case study turned into a video. It interacts with the viewers and talks about the issue and its solution along with the process taken to reach the results.

5) Viperchill

example of marketing case studyExample of marketing case study source – the daily egg

Another example of a marketing case study is by Viperchill. This marketing case study examples for students is easy to understand and read. It gives the details of how an author can create a squeeze page using 700 leads and have a conversion rate of 64 percent. This marketing case study with a solution gives out hard numbers making it easier to comprehend.

6) gShift

Marketing case study source – alexa blog

This marketing case study by gShift keeps it to the point and is short. It does so while covering all the required details and processes. The case study focuses on keeping it crisp by including information on the brand, issue, its solution along with the achieved results of the marketing campaign.

7) MarketingSherpa

marketing case study with solutionMarketing case study with solution source – the daily egg

The marketing case study given out by MarketingSperpa is extensively detailed.

It highlights how MarketingSperpa offered its help to a natural foods company and helped them boost their revenue by a factor of 18 percent. They helped them do this by redesigning their website.

It is one of the excellent marketing case study examples for students as it consists of numerous visuals as well as detailed explanations.

8) SEOMoz Blog on Optimization of Photo Labels

Another marketing case study by the SEOmoz blog given by Kasy Allen highlights the importance of the correct labeling one’s photos. It is in contradiction to the simple usage of keywords.

She states, “If you fill the alt tag with nothing but keywords, how are people going to get the images that they need? Do I want ‘world’s best tortilla soup recipe ever’ or do I want ‘thick tortilla soup recipe?”.

Kasy Allen also carried out a search test to understand the other criteria that Google might be taking into account when it is crawling as well as ranking images.

9) Landing Page Case Study by OH Partners

marketing case study with solutionMarketing case study with solution source – alexa blog

Another marketing case study by gShift is about the optimization of the landing page of the OH Partners. Again, like the previously mentioned case study, it has been kept short and to the point.

It consists of the details about the landing page along with a supporting video as well as links to similar case studies. It gives a brief explanation of the case study, as well.

10) Oli Gardner

marketing case study with solutionWhy stealing grapes is good for your form conversions [case study] source – unbounce

Oli Gardner’s marketing case study gives the details of a test that was conducted. This test effectively improved a newsletter’s opt-in conversion rate by 12 percent. It did so by including a preview of the newsletter. Oli Gardner states that this success was due to the related psychology that “drives us to steal a grape before we buy a full bunch”.

11) The 4-Hour Workweek

marketing case study examples for studentsSource – wikipedia

The author of the book, “The 4-Hour Workweek” tested the name of the book on Google AdWords before going ahead with it. The author, Timothy Ferriss, created different campaigns for six prospective titles of the book. He then selected the title which achieved the best CTRs, i.e. click-through rates. It is a great marketing case study examples for students.

Marketing Case Study Wrap Up!

Marketing case studies help a company enhance its conversion rates significantly. But they also require one to put in a lot of effort as well as time. A good case study requires work as if it is helping to increase your sales; it is but evident that you need to put in the required efforts.

It is important to remember that marketing case studies help build trust levels with clients. It helps in the conversion of leads to proper customers. A good case study also displays your track record and effectively forms a case where others can use your products or services in place of someone else’s.

Finally, a marketing case study also helps improve a brand’s awareness. It does so by promoting itself on social media.

Want to learn digital marketing with some of the best marketing case studies of top-performing businesses around the world? Enrolling in a Digital Marketing Course will help you do this like a pro.

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