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How to Make YouTube Videos with Any Special Equipment

Lately, a lot of people have been engaged in social media, and many of them are even getting famous through it. YouTube is one such platform where a considerable number of people have been creating and posting their videos. It has indeed worked for a lot of them, and some of them are known bloggers or influencers now because they focused on how to make YouTube videos.

We all like to be heard by the masses. Mass appeal is a quality which all of us wish to have. That is the reason videos or photos are posted for the public to view and react. In the case of videos, there are no two ways about the fact that YouTube is the ultimate destination.

It allows you to post videos, gain views and likes, and also earn money. It has become prevalent among all age groups.

YouTube has more than 1.3 billion users, and about 300 hours of video is being uploaded every minute.

Introduction to YouTube Video Creation

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Anyone can pick their phone up and start watching a YouTube video. Even the millennial term ‘YouTuber’ is coined, especially for a person who makes YouTube videos.

With this trend continuing, even more, people have started to create content for YouTube given that the footfall on social media is enormous.

But, one thing that needs to be focused on here is that even though you’re all prepped and into making videos and have narrowed it down to becoming a YouTuber, it isn’t that everybody has attained recognition.

Even creating videos takes a lot of tolls. It is not as easy as it may look. A lot of hard work, creativity, thought, and the idea goes into that 2 mins video you see on YouTube. Creating a pleasant, elaborated and eye-catchy video is not that simple.

Such is the impact of YouTube videos. But, the foremost question here is ‘how to make YouTube videos.

We all have phones with cameras these days. But just opening your camera and recording anything around cannot be away. There are other systematic paths for ‘how to create a YouTube video’. First of all, what you need to decide is the content and intent of your video.

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The intent of creating YouTube Videos

The intent of your video is the purpose of that video. Everything in life has a purpose, doesn’t it?

YouTube videos are no exception. A clear conscience must support the intent of your project. We all have opinions regarding various subjects.

YouTube videos act as a mirror to your personality and give a glimpse of your views, thought process, and ideology. It is an excellent quality to be opinionated. But, voicing them out should not lead to an unhealthy social environment.

It must not lead to any controversies or unrest among any group of people for the wrong reasons.

YouTubers should take care that they don’t initiate or fuel an ongoing tiff. People are incredibly possessive and careful about their identity. Their caste, creed, religion, all are integral parts of it.

One should not ever comment on these factors. They are highly personal and can attract unnecessary filth around your video.

One more fact which everyone should keep in mind is that YouTube is a platform for sharing your thoughts, getting to know more about the world around you, and gaining knowledge or information about things you were always interested in.

It is not a platform to initiate protests or wrong ideas of disagreement and resistance to the viewers.

There are other sensible and peaceful ways of doing it. So, making your intentions clear in your head will help you shed light on the necessary points and put your views forth in a more effective manner.

Content of YouTube Videos

There can be no video made without finalizing its content.

You should figure out the factors which can make your video tug at the right chords of the viewers’ hearts. It is advisable to choose a currently trending topic.

But, even if you wish to highlight something that might not so be trending in social media or around us, it is beautiful. You can derive ideas by interacting with people around you and knowing the mentality of your prospective viewers.

When you are clear about the topic at large, you can find smaller ideas that focus primarily on the content you wish to deliver. You can just pick a slice up from a vast topic or ideology and present it in a way to create a niche in the viewers’ minds.

If you are facing trouble deciding which point to target in an ocean of ideas to make your video, you can take help from YouTube itself. Simply search the title you wish to create a video with and see which videos have already been made. That will present you with assorted options of what new or different you can add to it.

The content of the video can be made in a way to set people’s thinking but should not provoke anyone to take the wrong ways. Your content should never glorify or justify a wrong deed.

That might lead people to harmful ways and create unpleasant effects on society. Remember that videos on media sites like YouTube have a huge social impact.

One misplaced word or ill-framed statement can have serious repercussions. The content that you are going to speak about should be well-drafted. Perhaps, you can script it out. Fumbles or long pauses don’t look right.

They might also make the viewers lose interest in watching the video. Hence, one looks at the script and that will help you go on unfalteringly smooth. Lastly, but most importantly, own and own up to what you say.

YouTube as Business

Hitting the right strings can gain you a few hundred or thousands of dollars a day.

Given that there are over 1.9 billion active users every month, and they watch a billion hours of videos every day, it is undoubtedly a huge audience and market to target all at once. So, the question of how to make YouTube videos accessible comes down to what kind of content you generate.

All the top YouTube content creators are making large numbers because they create the right kind of videos since they know how to create a YouTube video. All of the success and making money have little to do with making a video versus how well is it presented.

Steps to learn How to make YouTube Videos

1) Choose the right topic for the right audience

Targeting the right kind of audience is very important, and everything majorly depends on that. One thing that a lot of people end up doing is focusing on themselves instead of their audience.

This is where they fail. You need to focus on your audience and stay on the backfoot. With the right topic and approach, you will understand how to make your YouTube videos viral and popular if it hits the right audience.

2) Find your perfect audience on YouTube

Before starting to work and putting in your heart and soul, you should know your audience and choose your audience.

If you know your audience well, you’ll be able to answer general information like what are their concerns, what are they going to grasp from your video and how will they benefit from it.

3) Taking advice from an expert

It would help if you narrowed down your focus onto something after gaining enough knowledge about your audience. With the help of a few experts, this can be accomplished too.

For example, focus on a particular niche, make sure that the video is of some use, and knowledgeable. Please keep a close check on how the audience responds to the videos and what they wish to see; this helps in generating better content in the future.

Devices Used In Filming YouTube Videos

Once the intent and content are determined, the next important point is ‘filming‘.

We all desire high-tech superior quality types of equipment to record our videos. But they are quite expensive, and not all can afford them. Also, they have complicated mechanisms that everyone can’t use very comfortably.

If you are recording your first YouTube video, you have to pay more attention to your presentation skills than to the proper working of a complicated filming instrument.

1) Webcam

To begin with, you can use a webcam installed on your laptop or computer. Most of the laptops from the past five years have preinstalled webcams.

If not, you can buy one at meager prices as compared to buying a new video camera. You are advised to record your first video steadily. That helps you gain perspective on your language, the way you present yourself, and how you deliver the content.

2) Mobile Camera

The next can be a mobile camera. That allows you to move around freely and let you explore the area around you. Though they can give you the liberty of moving around, they may have inferior quality as opposed to a video camera.

Also, you need to transfer the videos from the mobile phone to your laptop, as videos consume ample memory space and mobile phones generally have smaller capacities.

3) Video Camera

The next device extensively used for recording YouTube videos is a video camera. It has the highest quality filming with advanced features like stability, clarity, and sharp focus.

One can also record the laptop or mobile screen using individual apps. Several apps in the market can be used for this purpose. This technique is used to record computer games or tutorials related to the device’s features and usage.

4) Dedicated Microphone

You can also consider buying a dedicated microphone. If you are filming in a crowded place, there can be a lot of noise and disturbances. That may lead to unclear sounds or voice distortion.

That is the time when a microphone can come to use.

Background Settings

Once you are done deciding the devices to be used from an assorted array of them, you have to devote some thinking to the selection of the right background.

If you are filming in a marketplace, setting a background according to your preferences is out of variety. Then what you have to do is selecting a perfect place from where you can capture the desired view and also yourself in proper brightness.

Take care that there are lesser noise disturbances or better use a dedicated microphone.

If you are filming indoors, you have to select a suitable background with good lighting conditions. Make sure you wear something that highlights you and the surroundings don’t subdue you. Keep your background clean. The messy and clumsy area is bound to create an adverse impact on the viewers.

Getting Yourself Ready

Speak clearly and loudly. There should not be any ambiguity in pronunciations as that might lead to incorrect interpretations. If you are recording a tutorial, be entirely sure of the information you are giving out. It should be double-checked since it is going to be used for educational purposes.

It is next to impossible that you will achieve maximum perfection in your very first attempt.

So, embrace your imperfections and your mistakes, learn from them and improve in the future. It’s is well said: ‘there is no learning without mistakes. What is of utmost importance is how you correct them and come up more brightly.

Process of Uploading a YouTube Video

You can then transfer the video to your laptop or mobile phone.

There are various editing methods that you can use to rectify your video if anything has gone wrong. You can skip unwanted parts by trimming, cancel unwanted noises and furnish that with appropriate music. You can also incorporate many more changes.

Then, go to the YouTube website, viz. If you don’t have a Google account, you need to create one and log in to YouTube using that. Else, you can simply Sign In on YouTube. On the top right corner, you will find a camera icon that prompts you to the ‘Upload video’ option. Once, the video upload page opens, you select whichever item you want to upload.

There are different editing options available like trimming, changing visual presentation, or changing the music of the video. It has to be carried out by selecting the proper tabs given there.

That takes you to the next level of adding a suitable title and a description.

A title should be such that the video should be easily found on YouTube. It can contain trending keywords so that whenever a user tries to search that particular keyword, your video pops up as a suggestion. The description should give an insight into the video.

It should be written in a style that will intrigue the reader. It then asks for any changes in the privacy configuration of the video and the location to be assigned. Then, by clicking on ‘Upload’, you take the final step. You can follow a similar order of steps to upload a video using a mobile phone.


The next important thing is ‘how to make YouTube videos viral‘.

The number of views and likes can broadly define YouTube video success. Hence, it is very crucial to promote your video in the right way and through the right people. This is the age of social media. It has its reach to almost all strata and layers of society.

So, very correctly, social media publicity is the best way to expand your network of viewers. There is one more way which is called ‘YouTube outro’. It consists of four elements that grace the last screen of your video. They are:

  • Video or playlist linked to your video.
  • If you have your channel, you can add a ‘Subscribe’ option so that your work can reach more viewers.
  • Linking your video to another YouTube channel.
  • Resorting to the idea of linking a website other than YouTube to your video.

You can use the trending keywords in your video, its title, and its description. That will help you gain more views and make a position for your videos in YouTube ranking. How to make YouTube videos popular is not that easy. But, with the right contacts in-network and good viewership, it is an achievable target.

Final Thoughts!

How to make YouTube videos is an art. It can be explained technically and theoretically well.

But, the expertise can be procured only through good research on the maker’s part, meticulous execution keeping in mind the quality of content, and benevolent intent.

There are various special types of equipment available in the market which can aid in making a great YouTube video high in quality. The right and effective ways of publicity pave the way in answering ‘how to make YouTube videos viral’.

You can’t expect to get an appreciation for the very first video; it takes time, keep focused on how to make YouTube videos, and you’re good to go. There might as well be cases where people will criticize, but you shouldn’t be afraid. Not everybody’s tangents match. Without contemplating and doubting yourself, start, it is that simple.

By enrolling in a Digital Marketing Course, you can learn and master the concepts of how to make YouTube videos.

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