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Graphic Design is my Passion – Top 20 Memes

Using an applied art that combines the use of text and images to communicate visually, graphic design is a profession and academic field that focuses on projecting visual communications meant to send messages to social groups with specific aims.

The phrase “Graphic design is my passion” has been seen and in a space of buzz for quite some time now. You’ve watched it.

The well-known “graphic design is my passion” meme may have even been posted by you on Facebook or Twitter. But what does this graphic actually mean? How did it get started?

Graphic Design is My Passion Meaning

There was no turning back once the original “Graphic Design is My Passion” was created.

The term was first coined by designers, graphic artists, and design firms as a lighthearted jab at subpar design.

The web community adopted the cliche and transformed it into a caustic jab at designers who took their employment too seriously, as is common in such circumstances.

The meme is a parody of the numerous subpar designs created by amateur Graphic Design is My Passion – Origin

Original Frog

An image of a foggy sky with a green cartoon frog clip art and the statement “graphic design is my passion” was posted on July 7th, 2014, by Tumblr user Yungterra.

The post received more than 352,000 notes during the following year.

Graphic Designing is About Making The UX Better

To draw visitors in, designers employ pictures, colors, and printing. However, in order to support their style decisions—such as the placement of images and text— designers working on user experience (UX) design must adopt a human-centered strategy.

In other words, you need to concentrate on and empathize with certain users when producing eye-catching designs that optimize usability. There must be a reason for aesthetics. You don’t produce art for your own use in UX design. Graphic designers must therefore expand into visual design.

Adobe Photoshop (proprietary software), Adobe Illustrator (proprietary software), and Coreldraw (proprietary software) are tools that can be used to create attractive graphics. 

Sumo Paint and Crello are other photoshop tools that can improve your UX with top-quality graphics and create “memes”.

Graphic Design is My Passion: Top 20 Memes

1. The Emoji Guy (Graphic Design is My Passion)

Emoji Guy

Someone made the first move because they believed that the emojis needed to be updated.

An emoji design was uploaded by a Tumblr user. The character’s attitude and hand gestures combined to give the scene an amusing appearance.

To make the post even funnier, the original author requested that the tech giant Apple hire him to redesign their emojis.

2. The Rainbow Cat

rainbow cat meme

On the rainbow background of this creation is a grey cat vector. It conveyed the same idea that the original poster of the graphic design is my passion meme had originally posted.

3. G.O.A.T Meme

goat meme

Someone placed a goat on the mountain without taking out the background or making any minor adjustments! Such memes were developed to highlight the crucial distinction between a poorly completed and a well-done design.

4. Spongebob Meme

Spongebob meme

People engage in a variety of behaviors when it comes to memes and having fun. A picture of Spongebob was placed in the sky, eerily like the frog from the first meme about graphic design.

5. Photoshop Meme

Photoshop Meme

Yikes! In this classroom, a truly horrific incident did occur. Currently, it’s unclear if this design was created by a student or was the result of someone’s photoshop work. However, it has received a lot of online circulation.

6. The Alien Face

The Alien Face

Designers who intended to make fun of students’ aptitude for design disseminated this graphic design is my passion meme extensively. The children, however, did not wait long to strike back.

7. The Suit Guy Meme

Suit Guy

Ever hear a man in a suit make a serious statement? Almost everybody has. This image was based on the same idea and demonstrated how even a man wearing a suit would appear absurd if he declared, “Graphic design is my passion.”

8. Designer Work

Designer Work

Every career, including design, has a unique working method. A normal work folder is depicted in this meme, along with how terrible designers are at giving their products names.

9. The Big Advertisement

Great Advertisement

Although completely unrelated, this meme demonstrates clearly why skilled designers greatly benefit any business. They use the best graphics and the perfect message to grab attention and raise awareness of the subject.

10. The Classic “Word Art”

word art

Once upon a time, word art was truly very popular. It was revived by memes with the help of this GIF. To make the GIF more fascinating, each character in the phrase has been given a different size, font, and color.

11. The Office

Here, the basic idea driving this entire movement is portrayed by the iconic comedy character Michael Scott. Although Scott, the star of “The Office,” is thought to have a perplexing demeanor, he is an excellent worker. He pouts, showing his displeasure when questioned about sending a design in word format for editing.

12. Honest Reviews

honest reviews

This table design graphic received an honest evaluation, however, the internet did not accept it. Within minutes, screen captures of the image and the epic response were being shared around groups and spaces.

13. Legendary Fails

Epic Fails

Someone attempted to drown a raccoon, but they failed spectacularly! The artists would have learned for some time before they tried this job again because this design is full of minute dangers.

14. The 3D Meme


This graphic design is my passion creative has a few 3D features that were likely added to mock designers who are unfamiliar with 3D and who are unable to do even the most elementary jobs.

15. The Holy Meme

hoy meme

The Last Supper image might resemble Jesus’ workspace if he were a graphic designer. He would be surrounded by a large number of idiotic demands and remarks.

16. Unpassion It Meme (Steve Harvey)

Steve Harvey

Professional designers keep a sense of balance and discipline in their work. This touch-up work is clearly the work of a novice designer who claims to love the design but has no experience maintaining passion.

17. Professional or Naive

Professional and Naive

This image requires a close examination of the typefaces, backdrop, dinosaur, and every other element.

The poor creature seemed to be fearfully seeing “passion.” This design’s words are all written in various fonts and colors, which throws off the eye’s natural balance. We are unsure if this was a hilarious project or the work of a novice professional, though.

18. Perspective of a Designer


A designer has a unique perspective on things. A designer frequently examines the details that have been incorporated into the design when we are seeing the entire piece.

19. Dr. Phil – The Angel

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil’s picture looking forth from the heavens like an angel was pasted. The image also featured the meme phrase “graphic design is my passion,” which made it appear as though an angel was preoccupied with graphic design.

20. The Extra Work

extra work

This image amply illustrates how intensely someone is attempting to understand design. Even though this image has poor editing, if done correctly, you would not be able to tell the difference between an edited and an unedited image.

Graphic Design is My Passion – The Effects of the Buzz

Despite being 7 years old, the meme has never lost appeal.

These memes were made by numerous design firms and freelance artists to brighten everyone’s working environment and lighten the mood a bit.

Several graphic designs is my passion essays have been published as well to promote the light-hearted notion.

Graphic design is my passion Reddit is extremely popular as well.

Some of its crazy effects are the production of:

  1. Graphic design is my passion quotes.
  2. Graphic design is my passion sticker.
  3. Graphic design is my passion shirt.
  4. Graphic design is my passion GIF

Making Money as a Graphic Designer

These days, it is no longer sufficient to say that graphic design is your passion.

You must figure out how to be paid as a designer. You can try the following ideas:

1. Launch Your Own Business

Starting your own business is one of the finest methods to earn money as a designer.

You may assist businesses by making designs for their promotional materials, t-shirt designs, and more.

2. Sell Your Skills Online

Online websites require help with their designs for adverts, website buttons, icons, blogs, and other elements, just like offline businesses do.

3. Online Sale of Your Design

There are online marketplaces where you may sell your artwork and graphic creations. Typically, blog owners purchase graphics and images for their design requirements.

Additionally, you can produce vector artwork and photos, then publish them online. Once consumers start paying for each download of your designs, you can start making money.

How well are Graphic Designers Paid?

Numerous variables are taken into account when determining the pay for graphic artists.

The potential income of a designer relies on a number of factors, including region, job setting, specialization, employment setting, education, and experience.

According to the Ambition Box, the median annual wage for designers in 2021 was Rs. 3 lakhs/annum.

Once more, keep in mind that designers can still strive toward a variety of higher roles within the industry to raise their income potential.

For instance, art directors, animators, and application developers frequently earn more money.

Graphic Design – Freelance Options

There are many options available to you as a designer, which is one of the best things about the job.

You might choose to apply for a job at a company or a corporation. Or, even better, you can decide to work as a freelance graphic designer and sign contracts with several businesses at once.

Although there are a variety of advantages to freelancing, it’s crucial to keep the overall picture in mind.

Within the field of your specialty, you can enjoy greater flexibility and more specific clientele. But you can’t expect your customers to foot the bill for the supplies you’ll need to finish the job.


Graphic design is my passion text has been all over the internet and is creating a buzz that no one expected. This has become one of the design trends and is still going strong.

If you are a designer try and create your own version of this viral meme and contribute to the meme world.


1. What is the origin of the meme “Graphic Design is My Passion?”

The phrase “Graphic Design is My Passion” first appeared as a meme after being posted on Tumblr and went viral. Users soon started disseminating it to criticize poor graphic designs.

2. Who is a graphic designer?

A graphic designer is a specialist in the graphic design and graphic arts fields who puts motion graphics, typography, and images together to produce a design. The graphics that a designer produces are primarily used in published, printed, or electronic media, such as brochures and advertisements.

3. Is graphic design a promising career?

For those with imaginative thinking skills who appreciate art, technology, and communication, graphic design is a terrific career. Every business needs design, therefore designers have a lot of opportunities to work on a variety of innovative and fascinating projects.

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