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Digital Marketing Examples | Top Strategies to Study in 2022

Digital Marketing Strategy in D2C brands requires lots of effort and a Digital Marketing Example of other brand can make your job easy to understand how a similar industry brand has a used a strategy to grow their business.

The world has become digitized, and thus, the demand for top digital marketing examples is constantly increasing around the world to get inspiration for business growth.

Identifying potential customers involves a lot of work.

One can even target the customers online through social media platforms, the company’s website, advertisements, promotions, or an amalgamation of all these.

In this article, we have shared top 9 digital marketing examples to help you have a better understanding of the concept.

Lets first have a look on tips to learn digital marketing.

What is marketing? Why is it important? 

In our society, marketing is referred to as the most relevant and crucial activity.

It determines whether your business enterprise will work or not.

It is an element used to maintain and create demand, reputation, competition, and several activities. The strategy of marketing is essential since, without it, your business or economy won’t work due to a lack of sales.

Marketing is relatable to the business, society, individuals, consumers, economy (developing), business firms, individual business enterprises, and developing countries. The significance of marketing are mentioned below:

1) It helps to build and maintain the reputation of your company.
2) It helps to build a relationship between the business and the customer.
3) It helps in communication and informing the customers about relevant details.
4) It helps in engaging customers.
5) It helps to boost sales.
6) It helps to maintain relevance.
7) It helps in providing insights about your business.

What is Digital Marketing?

Any marketing of services or products by using a platform of digital technologies on the Internet is Digital Marketing.

The advertisements, mobile phone apps, and several ideas are there to do digital marketing.

Channels that can connect, create and transmit between the producers and customers about the details of products and their values through a digital network. These channels are digital marketing channels.

The term ‘digital marketing was initiated in the 1990s when the digital world was evolving.

With the advent of the Internet, the digital age came to light. With the development of the Web 1.0 platform, the digital age took off. This platform allows people to find the information they wanted to get.

While many marketers and entrepreneurs entered the digital realm, they still weren’t sure about its future. As the Internet wasn’t well-known at that time, people couldn’t decide if this digital marketing will work or not.

Features of Digital Marketing Examples

One of the significant features of digital media is to promote brands. There are several digital marketing examples. Search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, How to plan a Digital Marketing Campaign?

First of all, the digital marketing campaign is an effort of online marketing to promote the business and to drive engagement, traffic, conversions, or revenue.

Digital Marketing campaigns are way more sustained and dynamic than analog marketing and traditional marketing.

There are significant stages and steps to initiate the building of  digital marketing examplesSource – social tables

Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns

1) Social Media Marketing 

It is a platform that is used by numerous people around the globe.

This platform is best for promoting your brand or your content to increase brand awareness, and generate a lead for your business, but also to drive traffic. Some ubiquitous channels in social media marketing are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Linked In.

These are well-known and easy to access.

You can even connect your several social media channels and promote your brand or any business on each platform.  2) Content Marketing

It is also a platform for creating, generating, and promoting awareness, and lead generation amongst the public. Some channels which can be preferred for recognition are Blog posts, EBooks, and Infographics.

Explicitly talking about blog posts, is about writing and publishing articles on the blog of the company- which will help you to demonstrate industry expertise and generate organic search traffic for the business.

And EBooks also help your visitors on the websites to educate them about the company.

Infographics, on the other hand, are about showing instead of writing. They are visual content to make your viewers find your product or business relatively interesting.

social media campaign examplesSource – mindroit technologies

 3) Search Engine Optimization(SEO) 

A process of optimizing your website to ‘rank’ higher in the result pages.

Obviously, to receive more and more viewers. The channels are websites, blogs, and infographics. Almost the same as  4. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a perfect way of communicating with your visitors and customers.

It is mostly used to promote discounts and events, content, and also, to direct people toward the business’s website.

In email marketing campaigns, the types of emails which should be included are customer welcome emails, holiday promotions to loyalty program members, blog subscription newsletters, and follow-up emails to website visitors who download anything. It also can consist of tips and similar emails for customer nurturing.

Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing 

Recently, marketing has become very different from what it used to be. Indeed, the Internet played a vital role in the building blocks of digital marketing.

Also, hi-tech products and dedicated software have helped marketers to gather more and more information lately. They also have several kinds of tools and elements that can influence and increase customers.

The traditional market somehow is fragile in front of Digital marketing. Since digital sources have enhanced marketing strategies and promotions and also allow companies to analyze their campaigns.

Top Digital Marketing Examples

To create one of the best campaigns of digital marketing, you will always need a proper strategy, relevant content and/or influencer.

How to create a digital marketing campaign is crucial, similarly, it is which one is the best.

For a brand that needs engagement and recognition, it must execute its digital marketing campaigns in the right way — strategizing campaigns so that it connects with customers. It can be quickly done by increasing your brand’s awareness through promotions and advertisements.

Some of the companies mentioned below are creating exceptional experiences and content for their customers and delivering it to them through marketing campaigns.

The marketing campaign examples of a few companies have been stated below to give you a rough idea of how brand awareness can be done, and engagement with customers can be enhanced.

You need to focus on the strategies which they have used to influence their customers.

Work on looking for such a campaign as it will be beneficial to you for determining the goals.  Therefore, we have arranged the details of several digital marketing examples which will help you to start-up one of your own.

1) British Airways

British airways

They have created such a brilliant video that is emotional content. This ad shows the love between a British Airways crew member who fell in love with India. Later, he formed a deep bond. Since Indians are filled with emotions and this will eventually attract them.

They have created a subject for this campaign which says, “While the service is driven by purpose and efficiency, but the true care is only fuelled by love.”

They even provide a lot of offers to travel in. The ultimate result was that this digital marketing campaign became one of the best of all. It was also promoted on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Such features make it one of the key digital marketing examples.

2) KKR Digital Marketing

They also create visual content to attract customers. The main objective of the KKR digital marketing examples is how to build brand awareness, also, how to connect with their fans.

And how to keep fans and users updated with the IPL news, scores, and images. KKR is the team in IPL which has the most engagement with their fans and followers.

They have executed this marketing campaign by having an exclusive YouTube video blog “inside KKR”.

They also organize live-screen Facebook sessions with their fans, and they keep the blog engaging to gain more visitors and followers. Also, because of the franchise this team has acquired more interest.

Therefore, you can also include this in your campaign. You can go to celebrities or well-known personalities to promote your campaign.

3) Coca-Cola Summer TVC

Similarly, as mentioned above, they have included an Actor who is very much popular these days.

Deepika Padukone is seen in this advertisement. This ad is somewhat goofy, funny, and ideal for a Coca-Cola brand. Including celebrities can work wonders if you want a better promotion.

Since you don’t have a name in the market, but you have got cash, then you can approach a celebrity. If they agree and you can give them a certain amount which they demand, then that’s perfect. It will highly benefit you in promotions.

All such qualities enable Coca-Cola to secure a place in top digital marketing examples.

4) Vicks India

This advertisement is about family. It promotes Vicks in India and this digital marketing campaign in India is titled “#TouchOfCare.”

This ad is about making society realize the importance of nurturing and caring.

Here, they present the story of a girl named Gauri. This is a story relating to transgenders in our society, and how we need to take of them and accept them the way they are.

These kinds of stories ultimately receive oodles of appreciation. A story that is about family and society is invariably loved. Since people in India have deeply embedded emotions in themselves, it is better to show them relatable content.

marketing campaign examplesSlack

5. Slack

This campaign is not an Indian campaign, but a very well-known among the globe.

It is a collaboration tool that allows teams to communicate and share files. They can efficiently have a conversation, all in one secure platform.

They had an appreciated rise, with 15,000 users at launch in 2014, which rose to 171,000 within six months and crossed 500,000 in less than a year. Recently, they see around 5,000,000.

They deliver a high-quality customer experience. Also, the company responds to 8,000 help desk tickets and up to 10,000 tweets each month.

Therefore, from this campaign, we can learn a lesson from Slack which is how to deal with customers. They are focussed on customer experience. So we can say that this marketing campaign is more about the solution and not a product.

6) JetBlue

Just like Slack, this one is also a campaign outside India.

But JetBlue is about the popular discount airline. Instead of using any social media platform to promote its discounts and special offers, it uses its handles.

The company uses its handles to provide fast and easy customer service.

So from this campaign, we learn that it is good to balance self-promotional materials with information that followers can use.

Also, the response should be outstanding. You need to work on responding to the customer very effectively.

7) American Express (AMEX)

While a lot of companies talk about creating a community of values, very few create any.

American Express is one such company that puts in its money where it’s supposed to be put by leveraging the value. Open Forum is a collaborative website, on which AMEX invites guest authors to share their words of wisdom.

8) Airbnb

Airbnb’s market has shot up immensely. It has indeed changed the way we travel and look for accommodation.

Launched at a time when the founder couldn’t even afford the rent, now is a site consisting of nearly 100 million users.

Using the strategy of building a shared platform for travelers and hosts.

During an Instagram campaign in 2015, Airbnb received a whopping 13.3 million interactions and increased its followers by 341 percent.

9) Uniqlo

Being a Japanese apparel brand, Uniqlo promotes casual wear, and its campaign is for sure one of the best digital marketing examples.

The company created a worldwide digital marketing campaign and spread it across 100 locations and online.

They engaged with their customers and increased their market by providing samples and products to gain trust and share their authenticity with the customers.

In conclusion…

The best form of a digital marketing campaign is to spread more and more awareness.

Promote it through blog posts, on social media, Infographics, and videos.

A large number of brands have achieved success through digital marketing since a huge audience is now associated with social media platforms actively. Digital marketing helps companies to reach large masses efficiently and with great impact.

These digital marketing examples clearly show how engaging with customers has helped companies to reach out and grow over time.

There are several formats to promote your advertisement. You can have it in the form of a video, or a picture, or even just writing. But make sure you have an engaging one. The Internet has opened a wide area of promotion. All you need is a strategy.

And strategy can be formed even after getting inspired through one of the marketing as mentioned earlier campaign examples. Just plan according to what kind of product or business you want to promote.

It is crucial to know your target audience as it will help you to decide what source of the promotion will be beneficial. You can use YouTube for video promotion of your business or ads for different social media platforms to make your work engaging.

Social media platforms are one of the best sources for digital marketing campaigns. It will help you get more visitors if the ad is sort of interesting.

Therefore, try to create a more exciting campaign instead of a lengthy one. If the public finds your work attractive, they will want to get more of it. Instead of creating a lengthy campaign, go for an engaging one.

This era of digital marketing has helped numerous people to promote their services.

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